EMPOWER 2015 – PartyLite Uses QuickBase to Impact How Employees Work Together

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May 7, 2015
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We’re thrilled to feature Paul Katz, Communication and Creative Services Manager at PartyLite North America, as one of our speakers at EMPOWER 2015. He will be speaking and sharing his ideas at our inaugural user conference this May in downtown Chicago! Register Now!

Paul Katz manages Communication and Creative Services for PartyLite North America. His team is responsible for supporting nearly 15,000 independent sales consultants and providing marketing communication to help them service more than 1.4 million customers across the U.S. and Canada.

Paul has been an avid QuickBase user for about 5 years. QuickBase is part of his overall mission to get people to move their project management endeavors away of spreadsheets and paper documents at PartyLite. He shares that he is quite vocal that spreadsheets should be used for financial needs and certainly not for trafficking and managing projects. He has demonstrated that managing programs and projects in QuickBase in real time alleviates the common issue of not having the most up-to-date documents available at meetings. Paul explains that, one of the things he likes most about QuickBase is that it isn’t a dedicated project management solution. “With QuickBase, we have the flexibility to solve a number of business process issues – from project management to communication to collaboration. QuickBase has best-of-class features that are designed for versatility.”

At PartyLite, Paul is creative in using QuickBase to solve challenges that it wasn’t originally designed for. For example, the company’s homegrown extranet has a clunky, user-‘un’friendly interface. To speed information deployment and expand usage, Paul created sleek and intuitive forms in QuickBase, bypassing the extranet interface. Users were grateful for the simplicity. Next, it was simply a matter of dropping customized QuickBase reports into the extranet pages. “We’re now able to provide customized sales force communication in the blink of an eye. Before, it took hours.” His team is equally grateful for how quickly modifications can be made. Paul says that there are “fewer requests of IT now. We’re self-sufficient and have more control. If a modification is needed, it’s done before someone even leaves my office!”

Paul will be participating on one of our Customer Panels: Best Practices for an Efficient App Rollout at EMPOWER 2015. “We have several QuickBase apps used by groups ranging in size from four to 100,” Paul says. To optimize engagement and utilize all of the potential benefits as an organization, we need to ensure that the app fits into the users’ world – their thinking, their processes and their grand scheme. It’s not always a home run, but we’re successful most of the time.”

Be sure to attend this panel, from which you’ll gain insights and best practices from several QuickBase customers that have successfully rolled out apps to teams of every size. You will leave the session with beneficial approaches for increasing end-user adoption and be well prepared to chart your success from the beginning and throughout an entire roll out.

Paul was the decision-maker who purchased QuickBase at PartyLite. He started with a single QuickBase application to manage his department's project portfolio. Since then, he has developed and rolled out a number of unique applications to help streamline workflow, translation, collaboration and communication throughout the organization. Paul has been waiting for EMPOWER 2015 for a long time and can’t wait to learn more about programming and formulas (among other tips and tricks) at the event.

This is an event that you don’t want to miss! Register for EMPOWER 2015 today! Use the hashtag #EMPOWER2015  to share and follow on Twitter, Facebook and/or Google+.



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