EMPOWER 2015 - Juiced Technologies to Share QuickBase Add-Ons

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May 11, 2015
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Juiced Technologies, Inc. is a New York based IT services company specializing in developing business applications using the latest cloud based technologies with an emphasis on the Intuit QuickBase platform. We work with businesses of all sizes helping them achieve success by implementing the appropriate technology for their individual needs. Juiced Technologies, Inc. has been part of the QuickBase partner program from the beginning and we are extremely excited to be a part of the inaugural QuickBase user conference; #EMPOWER2015.

As a Gold sponsor and will be sharing innovative ways that our clients are using QuickBase tools, add-ons to the QuickBase platform, to enhance the features and functionality of their applications. In our session, "Get more done with QuickBase Add-ons," we will demonstrate how clients are using Exact Forms Plus, DocuSign for QuickBase, Signatures for QuickBase, Courier for QuickBase, Text My QuickBase and Triggers for QuickBase to improve the workflow of their applications while helping them to reduce wasted time and increase productivity. We have some great client examples that show how our users are pushing the boundaries of our tools, challenging us to keep them fresh and robust to support their ever changing needs.

See how a "Financial Services" company is generating Investor Statements and delivering them in an efficient and economical way...and how an "Energy Solutions" company empowers their installation crews in the field to sign off on their work and then enables their clients to sign off and comment on their experience. These are just 2 examples of our add-ons in action but you'll see more when you attend our session.

Each session attendee will also be a part of our demo, you'll experience firsthand how to interact with a QuickBase application using our "Text My QuickBase" add-on. Don't miss out on this interactive session, we won't just talk at you, we'll interact and engage with you to participate and experience QuickBase Tools and their impact on QuickBase applications!

Join us on May 28th at 9:00 am to see how you can "Get more done with QuickBase Add-ons." If you can't make our session then stop by our Kiosk during a break, we'll have live demos of all of our QuickBase Tools so you won't miss out!

Interested in learning more about our services, visit Juiced Technologies, QuickBase Tools and connect with us on LinkedIn and FaceBook.

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