EMPOWER 2015 – Helm Incorporated Eliminates Thousands of Spreadsheets with QuickBase

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Apr 27, 2015
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We’re thrilled to feature Michael Wacht (Twitter @Helm1943), Vice President of Operations, at Helm Incorporated, as one of our speakers at EMPOWER 2015. He will be speaking and sharing his ideas at our inaugural event, EMPOWER 2015, this May in downtown Chicago! Register Now!

Helm Incorporated was searching for a way to eliminate their need for thousands of spreadsheets in their organization. They discovered QuickBase which provided an effective and efficient alternative to spreadsheets. They have now created and deployed over 20 applications omitting spreadsheets all together [from several core communication and administrative processes]. Through this process, they had the opportunity to learn a wealth of knowledge about effectively rolling out, developing apps and launching new apps to their non-technical user community through their Extend, Educate and Empower program. This program is comprised of:

• Extend…applications in a familiar form, process, or workflow that the users are accustomed.

• Educate…each user on the basics of using QuickBase with the application(s) that uses the familiar form, process or workflow (fields, terminology, workflow, etc.).

• Empower…users by training them in the advanced functionality of QuickBase to allow them to modify and create their own applications.

Michael explained that “with QuickBase we will never need to use a spreadsheet again to communicate an order request or project status.”

Michael will be participating on one of our Customer Panels: Best Practices for an Efficient App Rollout at EMPOWER 2015. Be sure to attend this panel which will show you how to gather insights and best practices from several QuickBase customers who have successfully rolled out apps to teams of every size. You will leave the session with beneficial approaches into increasing end user adoption as well as prepare to chart your success from the beginning and throughout the entire roll out.

Michael has more than 20 years of technology, operations and fulfillment experience in both domestic and international distribution channels encompassing ecommerce, consumer, wholesale, and OEM markets. Michael is a multi-disciplined, results-driven executive that provides leadership during critical transition phases, including organizational restructuring, installing cloud-based technology solutions and implementing effective business and budget controls.

Michael is looking forward to the session, “A Bigger, Stronger QuickBase” at EMPOWER 2015 because Helm Incorporated is becoming more and more dependent on QuickBase each day. The sessions that feature Intuit’s continued commitment and investment are reassuring as his organization continues to integrate QuickBase into their business environment.

This is an opportunity that you don’t want to miss! Register for EMPOWER 2016 today! Follow #EMPOWER2016 on Twitter and Facebook.

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