EMPOWER 2015 – Gateways Saves 80 Hours Per Year on Reporting with QuickBase

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Apr 16, 2015
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We’re excited to feature Sarah Clark, Director of Finance and Operations, at Gateways: Access to Jewish Education, as one of our customer speakers at EMPOWER 2015. Sarah will be a part of the SMB Customer Panel at EMPOWER 2015, this May in downtown Chicago! Register Now!

Gateways: Access to Jewish Education operates multiple programs that originated in three different nonprofits, so keeping track of client and employee data across three separate manual systems posed a significant challenge.

The organization, which delivers Jewish educational programs and consulting for children with special needs, was able to overcome this challenge by consolidating key data into one Intuit QuickBase application. The application manages everything from client records to employee time sheets, expenses, and mileage reimbursements. The efficiency gains have been tremendous, saving Gateways approximately 80 hours per year just in one reporting process alone.

“There are no off-the-shelf products that meet all of our needs for a client database nor for an employee timesheet system. QuickBase allowed us to build our own system that meets all our needs and seamlessly integrates all of our client and employee data,” Sarah Clark explained.

Sarah recently built an app to replace a paper and email system for collecting volunteer applications. When the program director saw it, she responded, “I am amazed! This looks fantastic… I feel like I just upgraded my 1974 black and white tv with the 13 channels to a flat screen with a remote control (ahhh- how far we have come)…..”

Sarah began her free trial of QuickBase in March of 2013 and fell in love at first sight. Her first app was a "master database" to manage and integrate client data and employee timesheets. Since then she has added functionality to handle expense reimbursements, payroll, grant applications, and more, gradually winning battle after battle in a war on spreadsheets. Sarah has previously been featured on The Fast Track, check out her other post here.

Sarah is looking forward to the variety of sessions at EMPOWER 2015 – she knows that she will learn something valuable at every one. She is also excited about meeting other customers like her to share QuickBase stories and strategies.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to hear about personal experiences and insights from our QuickBase experts like Sarah! So register for EMPOWER 2015 today!

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