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Apr 20, 2015
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Hi all, it’s Scott Wyatt, CEO of Advantage Integrated Solutions, and we’re excited to be coming in from Denver as Platinum sponsors and speakers at #EMPOWER2015!

For 12 years Advantage Solution Consultants have helped hundreds of companies get the most out of QuickBase, so we’re very excited for this first global QuickBase user conference. Please join us for our two breakout sessions: “From Spreadsheet Hell to Streamlined Automation,” and “QuickBase for the Outside World: Building for Field Users, Clients, and Vendors.” They’re filled with real-world solutions that organizations looking to increase their value from QuickBase will find highly transferrable. How?

Our Session 1: “From Spreadsheet Hell” shows how we’ve helped many clients turn failing spreadsheet processes into sleek, high-performing QuickBase-centered ones, adding velocity, value and cost-savings to their business. We show where spreadsheets (even online shareable ones) start to fail: when your data is more complex than a flat list; when you need collaboration with permission control, good reporting and dashboarding. If, like the Fortune 500 and emerging companies we’ll feature, your business units have critical spreadsheet-based processes like Bid Calculators or Pricing Models, Budgeting like Cap Ex, Project or Sales Tracking, Compliance, Employee Onboarding, Training and Certification, don’t miss this session with us.

Our Session 2: “QuickBase for the Outside World: Building for Field Users, Clients, and Vendors” is about bringing these groups into your centralized QuickBase workflows to achieve seamless communication, visibility, tracking and performance. We’ll show how a company’s Fortune 500 client reviews project status and submits P.O.’s directly in their QuickBase, centralizing and automating their P.O. process, saving tons of time, money, and 65% faster payment receipt. QuickBase can be at the center of your Mobile and integrated, real-time, next-gen business processes. If this fits with your organization and vision, join us for this session!

What else do we have for current or aspiring enterprise users of QuickBase? Our new Account Management Module.

Other sessions I’m looking forward to include the QuickBase keynote, the CIO Panel, and “Bigger, Stronger QuickBase”-- those are the future of QuickBase as an enterprise cloud platform, and we at Advantage think Big. Connect with me on LinkedIn, contact us at www.advantagequickbase.com to learn more about our services, and I look forward to seeing everyone at EMPOWER 2015!

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