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Jun 26, 2006
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Full title... "Just say no to email that contains information that you then have to parse into relevant bits and manage and assign and track... all via a medium (email) not made for parsing, managing, assigning and tracking." Now, there's a catchy title!

We often get asked, "Can QuickBase accept incoming emails?" The answer is "Yes and no, and what are you trying to do?" For example, one of our customers was looking to have emails that came to go directly into QuickBase. We asked where the email address was used, and they said on their Website. We suggested that instead of an email address on their website, they build a simple form and have that post directly to QuickBase.

What are the advantages to this approach?

  1. You can control what information people add via the forms versus free-formed email.
  2. The information is automatically parsed into the appropriate fields, like what type of inquiry it is, urgency, where it came from, date and time entered, etc. No one has to manually enter or track this.
  3. Based on what you want, you could easily auto-assign inquiries based on the information provided, which means faster response.
  4. You'll have one place to track the information and manage the workflow around these inquiries versus the emails being spread out across several people's email boxes.
  5. NO MORE SPAM! These public email addresses always get picked up by the spammers, and generate even more work for you. No more email address = no more spam.

You can put this form on your Website very quickly and easily. If you don't want to learn the API calls yourself, we even have a form wizard to help you. You can read about it here:

I know of many clients and internal Intuit folks that have converted to Website forms versus an email address on a Website and the results have been a terrific increase in productivity and responsiveness based on the above advantages. Have you done this yourself? If so, tell us about it, so we can learn from you.

And, this won't work in all situations. Some folks need QuickBase to accept incoming emails from customers or prospects, when they are in an on-going exchange, like in a sales or support situation. We are looking at options for this. If you have any suggestions on how you've seen this work with other products, or want to make sure we know the specifics of your situation, please share them. We are always happy to hear from you, so we can get to the right solution for the largest number of folks!


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