New Customer Story: Earthbound Farm's CRM

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Apr 6, 2011
2 Min Read

Interested in learning how other companies have used QuickBase to make their important business processes more efficient? Thinking about using QuickBase for CRM and looking for examples of success? Wondering how much time and money a company can actually save using QuickBase?

Check out our new customer story about Earthbound Farm. Here are the headlines about the challenge the company faced and the solution they chose:

The Challenge:

  • Customer database required approximately 160 staff hours each year to update.
  • Weekly sales report generation and distribution took an estimated four staff hours each week.
  • Excel spreadsheets didn’t provide insight into sales activity.

The Solution:

  • QuickBase CRM greatly reduces time spent completing database management tasks.
  • Critical sales and customer data are easily visible in one application.
  • CRM and ERP systems are integrated for more business insight into productivity and workflows.

The Results:

To read about the results and for more details on the story, view the full case study on our Customers page. Let us know what you think in the Comments below!


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