December 2016 Release Notes

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Dec 1, 2016
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December Release Notes QuickBase


December Release Notes QuickBase

Hard to believe, but December is upon us! We’re celebrating the holiday season with a couple of handy tools for our hard-working admins. Plus, as always, a few fixes for issues you've reported to us.


Allow account admins to update user info in their company

We’re always looking for ways to make life easier for account admins. This month, we’re giving them the ability to update user info such as name, user name, and email for users in their company right from the Manage Billing Account page.

To change a user’s info, just click a linked name, email address, or username and update the info in the Edit user information dialog.

Note: You can't edit user info for accounts that use single sign-on (that have LDAP/SAML enabled), or for users designated as "not in company". To use this feature, the account/realm must be tied to the company, and the user that is editing as well as the user being edited must have an email address that belongs to the company. Names that don't meet these conditions will not be linked.


Export lists of user email addresses

If you’ve ever needed to inform a group of users about important changes to your app, this month we’re giving you a fast and easy way to do it. Just click the Email Users link on the Summary tab on the Manage Billing Account page and then create a list of users based on the filter you choose, such “All app managers.” Then, just download their email addresses to a text file, which you can paste into your email program.



What’s fixed in QuickBase?

Here's what we fixed this month.

ID Issue
QBE008448 If you created a customized report to be used as your record picker against a conditional dropdown filtered field, in Grid Edit mode the standard record picker was displayed instead of the customized report picker.

This issue has been resolved.

QBE010930 If you changed the key field for a table, in some cases summary fields were not being updated correctly to point to the new reference field. When this occurred the summary fields were removed from the table's relationship.

This issue has been resolved.

 QBE010946 Using API_SetFieldProperties to update a formula field's formula sometimes resulted in incorrect values.

This issue has been resolved.

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