Death by 1,000 Processes

Written By: Shannon Curran
July 26, 2019
4 min read

What is holding you back from delivering for your customers and growing your business?

Your time is precious. You are wasting that precious time with manual, error prone email, spreadsheets, and paper processes. This makes it impossible to gain insights across the data in your organization—making it difficult to pin point exactly where your processes are falling apart.

Your teams can’t keep up with the demanding needs of your customers or even provide a status when they need it, you are missing deadlines, your product isn’t up to the quality that you strive for, and the list goes on and on. You have looked through every department to see where the problem lies—frustrations are high, and you need to find a solution.

The issue is—the problem is everywhere.

Your everyday processes—from the very front-lines of your business—are making tiny leaks that are resulting in a massive flood of problems. That sounds completely impossible to fix right?


By unleashing the power of the people at the front lines of your organization with tools and technology and driving a culture of continuous improvement you will see those little leaks being filled. Finally making a huge impact on your customer satisfaction and bottom line.

Tailor your business applications to the way you want to work—not the other way around.

You should be in the driver’s seat when deciding the best way for your team and your business to operate. Point solutions and many legacy systems, such as ERPs, create a rigid framework that doesn’t work the way you need to and makes it nearly impossible to access the right data to make decisions. Traditional approaches for trying to customize or fill in the gaps take too long, cost too much, and never actually meet the needs of your team.

Creating business applications that work the way you want to work allows you to establish tailored and streamlined processes that help you to more efficiently build and deliver high quality products.

“We’re certifying more parts faster, with the same number of people, and nothing falls through the cracks,” says Derek Hutchinson, quality engineer for PSG Dover. This improved process, “plays an important role in helping us manufacture quality pumps delivered on time.”

Connect your systems and people to make better decisions across your organization.

When you empower those at the front lines of your business it is critical that you connect the dots of your systems and your people. Getting the right people, the right information, at the right time is essential to delivering value to your customers and efficiencies across your organization, boosting productivity and cutting costs.

By automating a range of broken processes to make a measurable impact Metso was, “able to gain an annual cost savings of $1 million from improvements to order management, engineering, and inventory processes,” says Rich Buckley, Vice President, Global Operations Engineering and Order Management.

In addition, providing Metso’s team members easy access to critical information drove accountability across teams. Buckley commented “…everything is out in the open, so it’s clear who is doing what, how much work is being done, and when it will be completed.”

Get a hold of all of your data to get better insights.

Creating business applications that make your data work for you, and give you insights across it, can help you find the exact moment a problem is occurring. Cutting out hours of work and wasted time—getting you away from those manual tasks that are destroying your productivity.

“We had shipping data in our ERP, but it wasn’t readily usable by the team,” says Aditya Ramani, Sr. Supply Chain Business Process Analyst, Illumina. “We built an app that takes a daily extract of delayed shipments and assigns them out to members of the team to add comments…this has allowed us to identify and quantify the root causes of our delays.”

Strive for a culture of continuous improvement and a systemic approach to changes supported by technology that works for and can grow with you. This environment will breed shared learnings, and drive improvements across the entire organization.

Equipping your team with the tools to solve their own everyday problems, while bringing IT on board to collaborate with you and break down barriers with systems, will make a huge impact on the value you can bring your customers.

Written By: Shannon Curran

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