Customer-Powered Innovation at QuickBase

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Jun 7, 2011
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QuickBase is committed to providing more opportunities for our customers to give us feedback. We’ve gone on the road, administered loads of surveys and usability tests, conducted hundreds of customer interviews, and have given our customers real-time access to QuickBase employees via social media channels. One of the ways customers see the result of all this listening is through product enhancements that reflect their feedback. For example, our latest release includes one of the most requested features of all time, the ability to select multiple users in a drop-down.

Our customers are passionate about the custom QuickBase solutions they build to improve work productivity for their teams and organizations. This means that they have healthy opinions about what new features we should include in upcoming product releases. They are also the best at anticipating their future needs. We couldn’t ask for anything better than customers who know what they want. But we also knew we needed a way to harness all of this enthusiasm into actionable product enhancements. So we set out to implement one place where customers can generate and prioritize ideas for QuickBase innovation.

Introducing the New Product Feedback Forum

Our new Product Feedback Forum, powered by UserVoice, allows you to create, browse and discuss suggestions for product enhancements. Our customers can also vote on suggestions, allowing the most popular ideas to bubble up to the top. QuickBase Product Management (PM) reviews all feedback, paying particular attention to the suggestions that gain the most traction among customers. PM can also join any conversation and keep people updated on the status of their suggestions. It’s a user-friendly interface, but for more info on how to use the Customer Feedback Forum check out the June 5, 2011 release notes.

You can access the Customer Feedback Forum by:

  • Clicking the new “Feedback” tab on the My QuickBase page (see right).
  • Visiting the Product Feedback Forum directly where you will be prompted to sign in to QuickBase before using the page.

So, in the words of Linda Richman from Coffee Talk, "Go ahead, talk amongst yourselves! I’ll give you a topic…QuickBase product enhancements!" We'll be listening...


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