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Feb 11, 2009
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Back about a year ago I posted about customization and SaaS.  Some people have said that one of the primary inhibitors to adoption of Online Applications (SaaS) was that there is no ability to customize them.  Well, as all of you know as users of QuickBase, that doesn't have to be true.  Just recently I did a post asking to hear stories about how people were using QuickBase.  The results were awesome and one reaction I had was that reading the comments was enough to prove the point that customization and online can go together.  Here are a couple of custom online database examples:

  • Scott Skibell at National Seminars Group uses QuickBase to organize over 700 training videos.  In his words:" I created a content management system in QuickBase that points to our different servers...  ...Marketing and web designers can search the database and click a preview button to watch the different videos. They can then copy the file’s URL and use it in their code for web pages or downloads. This saves me countless hours each day and streamlines our workflow. Without it, we’d probably have to hire someone just to track everything. QuickBase is a godsend."
  • Tamara Littleton is CEO of eModeration Limited and has a global challenge.  She has offices in London, New York, and Los Angeles, as well as 65 staff members working in locations such as Belgium, Germany, Australia, etc.  They use QuickBase to track time cards, manage their clients and new leads, track projects, bring new employees on board, and track staff experience, knowledge and preferences to match them to projects.  You can see more in her excellent comment to my post.  This one company demonstrates the flexibility of QuickBase all on their own.
  • Patti Dornacker uses QuickBase to track expense reports for employees.  Employees complete an online form and reimbursement rates are calculated automatically.  They've been able to please employees by reducing turnaround time and managers get easy access to reports that give them the info to stay within budget.

Database Application for Business

As you can see from these examples, because QuickBase is an online database it can serve a broad variety of needs. People in today's world have begun to expect things to be exactly how they want them. Today we have 190k different ways to have our lattes at Starbucks, we can get custom printed M&M's, or the awesome Flip Mino video camera that you can order with a picture of your choosing on the body (my wife's has a grasshopper).  It's time software started working for us and working the way we want it to.  No more "one size fits all" software that solves everything everyone asked for and in the end is such a clutter that it makes no one happy.

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