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Mar 3, 2011
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I have been a part of the QuickBase Support Team for over two years and have seen my share of cases. There are some topics that we see more than others and a range of complexity within those topics, but I want to call the trends out in hopes that we can answer some questions for you here.


The first support case trend that we see is about reporting. Most often, people are trying to turn a mental model into a working QuickBase report. It could also be questions about how to make different records stand out in respect to a field value with row colorization and other methods. Or maybe you want to know more about the recently released reporting features. Here are some useful links that can help with these questions:

Rules & Formulas

Two other trends we see are questions about form rules and formulas. Maybe you would like the value of one field to populate in another field when the record is saved. Or maybe you would like to have a field change to “read only” once the record is saved. When it comes to formulas the possibilities are endless. Some users would like a simple mathematical formula while others might want to assign a record to more than one user for permission reasons. These are things that can all be done with either a rule or a formula. Here are some useful links that can help you with a range of formula and rules questions:


The last case trend I would like to look at is about relationships. Setting up a relationship can range from easy-as-pie to challenging depending on how many moving parts there are. Many cases ask for basic help setting up relationships while others would like to know the difference between “look up” and “summary fields”. Many users also use our conditional dropdown set up and have questions on how that works. We can help with just about any relationship question….when it comes to QuickBase, that is. Here are some tips to help with this trend:

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