Climbing the Corporate Ladder As a Virtual Employee

Gone are the requirements that you must sit in a cube farm with your boss right around the corner. (Although some antiquated companies still think this way — but you wouldn’t want to work for them so we won’t go there. Okay?)

Thanks to great technology, you can work anywhere, at any time of day for any company. You can lead a virtual team of professionals who span the globe. And you can be effective at it.

But what if you’ve been leading your virtual team for a while and have your heart set on working your way up the corporate ladder to a senior level position? Won’t working virtually kill your chances?

Not likely. Most companies that leverage the power of virtual employees realize that it’s the output that counts (not the face time) and they also realize that anyone who works in a virtual capacity must be disciplined and passionate enough to make it work.

That said, if you have the aspirations to advance to a more senior position, it will take you a bit of effort.

Here are a couple of ideas.

  1. Get networked throughout the organization. People have to know you and what you are capable of. You want your reputation for being a solid leader to be known across all levels of the company and people should think of you when they are considering additions to their team. Make sure you are visible (so to speak!).
  2. Seek out opportunities to lead and stretch your skills. Stay in tune with what’s happening in the organization and volunteer to lead or join teams that will help you grow professionally.

Being a virtual employee doesn’t mean a dead end job. If it’s your desire to reach for the stars, set your goals and do it. What other suggestions do you have?

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