Celebrate Success!

Leaders celebrate other people’s success and keep employee motivation high. Everyone likes to be recognized for their efforts and QuickBase can help.

As the calendar year is in its final quarter it is essential for all businesses to finish strong and start the New Year on a positive note.

Last week I spoke with a client who had some questions on best practices with QuickBase. He was a Director of Account Management and was using QuickBase to successfully track renewals and contracts. The renewals rate was strong and many accounts grew; the reports he created in QuickBase proved it.

The dilemma was that he wanted to share the good news with other groups but did not know how. After further discussing the issue we came up with a great solution. Since his company has an internal site that all employees read daily, we thought this would be a great place to post the reports that prove his employees are doing well.

The total time to get this up and running was about 15 minutes. The sales figures are now posted on the internal site for all to see and the data is dynamic. It will update as QuickBase updates, this is not a snapshot that needs to be uploaded periodically.

How did we do this?

  1. Share the application with “Everyone on Internet”
  2. Selected the report he wanted to share
  3. Sent an email to the Webmaster which included the URL for the report and the URL to the QuickBase Knowledge base article
  4. The Webmaster tweaked the page accordingly and uploaded the changes

Once the report was visible on the internal site, he received immediate feedback that was very positive and it boosted the morale of his group.

As a leader in his organization he is expected to be strategic and tactical and his responsibilities include clear communication and motivating employees. This simple change has helped our client accomplish his goals, but more importantly he sees the added value QuickBase can provide as he helps his organization plan for the future.

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