Bring Your Passion to Work

Oct 8, 2011
3 Min Read

Those who have been reading this blog a while know that I like to be practical.  And in this economic climate, it may not be feasible to leave your job and pursue your passion full time.  Bringing a side interest to work is one way to find more time to do what you love without putting your life on hold and your financial health at risk.

Look for Intersections

Of course, the role your hobby could play in your day job might not be immediately obvious. So start by drawing two circles and listing the core aspects of your organization in one circle and the core aspects of your passion in the other, and see if there are places where the two intersect.

Find Kindred Spirits

Next, try to determine whether other people at your workplace share a similar passion and talk to them about how you might integrate it as a group.  For example, if many of you enjoy using social media off hours and feel that your organization should have a better digital footprint, why not take steps to form a relevant department or task force?

Consider the Business

If you’re on your own, sync your interest to what your organization needs to be successful.  Recognize that it’s not only about you, it’s about business goals.  For instance, if you’re in sales but your side hobby is graphic design, show your boss how spending work time to develop visually appealing materials will help you get more clients.

Don’t Overdo It

A word of caution, though.  Don’t put so much pressure on yourself to bring a side hobby to the office that your passion begins to feel like hard labor. If you do, you’ll inevitably lose the emotion that led you to pursue it.  Make sure that your long-term plans leave breathing room and enough support to preserve your enthusiasm.

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