Boost Movember Participation at Your Office with QuickBase

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Nov 13, 2014
5 Min Read

You may notice a few more mustaches than usual around the neighborhood or office this time of year. Could it be a drop in razor sales? More likely it's due to the fact Movember has become a global initiative and has been growing (no pun intended) more popular every year. Much like people wear pink in October to support breast cancer awareness, Movember encourages its participants to grow a mustache to raise awareness and raise funds for testicular cancer, prostate cancer and men’s health awareness. It’s become a very popular cause for offices to create a Movember team and participate as a fun way to get people involved in a unique charity event.

Last year, there were a few people interested in the QuickBase Cambridge office, so we started to build our team. We Care and Give Back is one of Intuit’s key operating values, so engaging charity events are a big part of our culture here. To help build the buzz and get people involved, I turned to QuickBase as a tool that could help me out. I ended up making a very simple app, where employees could nominate a colleague to participate and pledge to donate money if they follow through. The app was as simple as possible, asking for a name and dollar amount, then used notifications to inform the nominee to sign up and a few reports of our results on the dashboard.

“I look terrible with a mustache” is one of the common objections to participating in Movember, but the truth is that your new facial hair is meant to prompt questions which allow for the awareness part of the campaign to take place. It gives you a chance to talk about the Charity and what you are doing and why you are participating. Because growing a mustache can be a difficult or uncomfortable decision, the nomination process and support from colleagues was very helpful in getting those that were on the fence to participate. This QuickBase app really caught on, turned out to be a lot of fun, and shot our participation numbers through the roof. Our Cambridge office ended up raising more money than any other of the 15 participating Intuit sites. After Intuit matching our donations, we raised just under $15,000 for the Movember charity.

This year, we’re back at it again. The Mustache growing started on November 1st and the donations are starting to come in. The QuickBase Movember app has been rolled out globally to other Intuit sites, from Bangalore to Mountain View, and the app is also available in the QuickBase Exchange. This year, the Intuit Network has 341 total participants, and some of the money has already started to roll in. Movember is starting to become an Intuit tradition, and we were very excited when our CEO Brad Smith decided to join the fun this year, and maybe next year you will too.

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