Become More Efficient from the Driver Seat with Fleet Management

Jun 23, 2015
6 Min Read

The concept of paperless, efficient workforce automation was once a pipedream in the fleet industry. Whether you’re managing a fleet of five vehicles or 1,000 vehicles, having a streamlined workforce automation system that can help with customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP), while also handling billing and finances, is the Holy Grail for any business. Developers and providers have made tremendous strides in making each of these areas a possibility, but as the workforce in general becomes increasingly mobile, how can we accomplish this from the driver seat quickly and cost-effectively?

There lies the golden ticket – a combination of a best-in-class low-code rapid application development platform with the power of fleet telematics. This combination enables fleet operators to customize and iterate on applications that improve business efficiencies, meet compliance regulations and allow for a more profitable operation.

Case in point: Let’s look at a company that operates in a highly-regulated, high-stress environment like the oil services industry. These drivers, who are typically on the road for several hours each day, need an efficient way to streamline operations. Combining a quickly built, customizable cloud-based application and a fleet telematics solution allows these types of organizations to manage pre- and post-trip inspections, provide up-to-the-minute vehicle maintenance reports, generate work orders, navigate from job-to-job safely, and manage billing/finances – all on-the-go via a mobile device that doesn’t require a single sheet of paper. Not only does this increase efficiencies, but it also helps companies reduce footprint and save money.

When we talk about time, energy and productivity savings - especially for fleets - this is what “efficiency” means. For fleets, this integration allows them to take full advantage of their mobile offices, while meeting compliance regulations and always making sure that their drivers are operating the safest, well-maintained vehicles.

Is your organization taking advantage of automated, cloud-based, telematics to improve business efficiencies?

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