Avoid These Office Gift Debacles and Holiday Party Disasters

Nov 27, 2014
2 Min Read

The holiday season officially kicks off today – happy Thanksgiving!

To commemorate the start of the season, we’re presenting five of our favorite holiday posts from the past to help you avoid a similar fate, and even increase your productivity:

1. The 10 Worst Holiday Party Disasters

Stories of drunken CEOs, music-less karaoke, the worst icebreaker in the world, and more. Ho ho ho!

2. 10 Funniest Workplace Gift Debacles

Don't miss the story about the office that was pressured to fund the CEO's family ski trip!

3. 7 Ways to Wreck Employee Morale During the Holidays

Be sure you don't make the holiday missteps that can send employee morale plummeting at this time of year.

4. The Ethical Dilemma of Holiday Gifts

Can gifts from clients and business associates cost you?

5. How the Holiday Craziness Can Make You More Productive & Creative

Workplaces often slow down around the holidays -- but here are some ways to keep your productivity high and your creativity flowing (and no, they don't involve excessive amounts of cookies and punch).

Happy Thanksgiving!

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