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Automating Quickbase Workflows with Workato

Written By: Markus Zirn
May 12, 2016
4 min read

Automation – also known as workflow, digital plumbing, integration, data syncing, business ecosystem, the list goes on. Whatever you may call it, automation is an undoubtedly important capability when it comes to saving time, reducing errors, and growing a business. I’m Markus Zirn, the VP of Business Development for Workato and we are very excited to be Gold sponsors at EMPOWER 2016. We’re even more excited that Quickbase and Workato have partnered to address one of its customers’ most common feature requests: a powerful integration and automation capability.

Workato is headquartered in Cupertino, CA near one of our strategic partners, Apple. The company came together when the leading integration experts from Oracle, Skype, and Tibco decided there had to be a more powerful, no-code way to get your cloud apps talking. The result was an enterprise integration and automation platform that is loved by non-technical admins and developers alike.

Quickbase and Workato: A Perfect Match

Quickbase and Workato are similar in our business approach as well as our target audience: businesses with an agile mindset, rapidly changing processes, or who simply need an IT trusted platform. That’s why Quickbase and Workato decided to partner together to bring you the security and customization of an enterprise grade platform without the slow implementation time.

Quickbase is excited to partner with Workato because they can automate the sophisticated workflows and app integrations demanded by our Quickbase customers, all without coding.” – Mark Field, Quickbase Product Management

With Workato’s integration service you can build bi-directional, real-time integrations on your own or with the help of one of the expert Quickbase Solution Providers. Quickbase Solution Providers can easily monitor and support multiple clients and share their custom Workato recipes (custom integrations and workflows) amongst clients from a single Workato admin panel, ensuring success.

1,900 fields and 150 Salesforce Seats Integrated

At the joint Quickbase + Workato session at EMPOWER 2016, attendees will see Workato in action as well as learn about an existing customer integration project where we helped World Business Lenders (WBL) integrate their Quickbase platform and Salesforce CRM application. The project included 1,900 fields in one of the Quickbase tables and 150 Salesforce seats.

WBL decided to begin using Salesforce CRM because their sales team had full access to Quickbase resulting in accidental duplicates and bad data creation. However, because their credit decisioning and loan processing was all done through Quickbase, WBL needed to integrate all the data that was going into Salesforce with Quickbase, and vice versa. Now, using Workato’s powerful integration service, all data going into Salesforce and Quickbase is perfectly integrated. That means that WBL never has to worry about duplicates again. They also eliminated manual data entry, saving valuable time for the sales team. Multiply that by 150 agents and that’s hundreds of work hours saved per week that can be used to grow other areas of the business.

“We decided to use Workato because it provided a closer to real time connection than all of our other options and could handle the large volumes we needed. Now our Salesforce CRM and Quickbase platform run in perfect unison.” – Matt Moline, WBL

Create Your Own Business Ecosystem

Workato can automate workflows across more than 150 applications, which means you can start any workflow with an event from Quickbase or from another supported application into Quickbase. During our session at EMPOWER 2016, we want to show you how easy it is to build your own powerful integration, as well as inspire you to explore numerous other time and money saving connections. Workato also allows you to interact with Quickbase from within real-time messaging platform Slack. Imagine finishing tasks all from your Slack chat console – no logging in and out of various apps. To learn about these capabilities and more, join us at our session Automating Quickbase Workflows with Workato. See you at EMPOWER 2016!

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Can’t make it to our session? Be sure to visit us at our booth in the Exhibit Hall and learn more at www.workato.com/quickbase.

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Written By: Markus Zirn
Markus is the VP of Business Development at Workato, an award-winning cloud automation and integration platform with enterprise-grade capabilities - no coding required. He works with ISV partners, consultants and enterprise customers to ensure Workato matches their integration and automation needs. Prior to Workato, Markus led Product Management and Solutions at Splunk, and also headed Product Management at Oracle for integration, business process and event management.

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