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Automated, Connected, and Democratized: Product Innovation 2021

Written By: Jay Jamison
May 25, 2021
3 min read

It is the best time of the year: Empower time! At this time each year we get to announce to our community all of the innovation we have been working on to make the Quickbase platform even better for our users. This year—feels different.

After a year of disruption that has catalyzed digitization in every business, we needed to rise to the challenge. We saw an imperative to innovate faster and build out enhancements to our platform that make it even more powerful. You all were our inspiration—and we hope that you are as excited as we are.

Today, we are announcing a series of updates to the Quickbase platform designed to give businesses greater insights into their operational workflows and on-premises systems, and flexible licensing that makes it easy to gather and share insights with stakeholders inside and outside your organization.

This latest collection of innovations is in service to our mission to help organizations free the potential of their people, systems, and information to outpace change.

As business and IT teams work to strengthen their partnership, safe access to information across systems and teams has become a bottleneck. With this wave of innovation, we hope to clear the path for these teams to work together and build operational agility in their organizations.

Free Insights Across Systems and Teams

Brand-new dashboard capabilities and reporting tools allow for teams to uncover insights and analyze data that spans systems and teams across the organization. In addition to uncovering insights, new modern table reports allow for a better experience interacting with data that can be quickly and easily summarized. Finally, new integration connectors including Google Workspace, Microsoft Teams, and Twilio to name a few, allow for seamless connectivity across an organization’s technology ecosystem without writing a line of code.

Access Data From On-Premise Systems

Building on its recently expanded cloud offerings, Quickbase now directly supports hybrid cloud computing through access to data residing in a customer’s private cloud instance or on-premise systems. This new on-premises capability allows organizations to gain insights from data no matter where it lives.

Flexible, Usage-Based Licensing

Quickbase is introducing a flexible new platform licensing model that accommodates deploying Quickbase broadly across an enterprise and cost-effectively extending to external customers and partners. This new licensing model helps companies uncover and share potentially hidden and latent insights across teams within your company and across your value chain.

Investing in Top Talent

Over the last year, we have also heavily invested in our product innovation organization, including two new strategic leadership hires, Jon Kennedy, vice president of engineering who was previously at Amazon Web Services, and Ryan Duguid, vice president of product management, with more than 20 years of experience working at companies like Microsoft and Nintex. I am also incredibly proud to say we have grown our product and engineering team by more than 40% in 2020, and has plans to increase the team by an additional 50% throughout 2021.

To learn more about the Quickbase platform and how it integrates with previous updates, visit the product overview section on the Quickbase website.

Written By: Jay Jamison

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