Automate Your Database: Using QuickBase Formula URLs

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Jul 9, 2009
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You can use QuickBase Formula URL fields to automate many manual database processes. Like pressing a button that toggles an approval check box or maybe pressing a button and automatically changing a task assignment. When you use Formula URL fields they create buttons and links that can invoke QuickBase's very powerful API or Application Programming Interface.

I am a fan of right-clicking how other people use buttons and seeing how they tick. Somewhere in my head I know I am flattering the author by copying their work.

Say for instance we have a report in a Project Management application and we wish to trigger emails to select assignees. Let's add a formula URL field, and title it "Make Toggle". When the viewer presses this button the Toggle field will check. When pressed again it will uncheck. This is cool because we are actually using the QuickBase API to do something that would ordinarily require multiple mouse clicks and we have reduced it to one click. Another benefit of this is that the record itself is being changed. Sure you can grid edit this report and check the boxes but if you want to trigger automatic email notifications this might be a better way to do it. Grid Edit doesn't trigger email notifications but API calls do.

You can find out more about Formula URL buttons and cool API functions by checking out the following links and signing up for any of our 10 free weekly webinars. Many of the webinars dive into customizing and making your QuickBase applications come alive.

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