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Automate Tasks With a Facilities Management Platform

Written By: Ray Waldron
November 11, 2023
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The many tasks involved in overseeing facilities can easily overwhelm a management team that still relies on spreadsheets and paper-based processes. From monitoring systems and energy consumption to scheduling vendors and supervising maintenance crews, the job of administering a large facility is simply far too complex to manage by hand.

A facilities management platform is essential for automating tasks, streamlining workflows, and accelerating the efforts of building management teams. The right facilities management software will help teams increase efficiency, reduce errors, streamline compliance, monitor critical systems, and gain 360° visibility into every aspect of the facility.

Through Dynamic Workplace Management , Quickbase provides a facilities management platform with templates and pre-built solutions that can be easily adapted to the needs of any team and any property. With Quickbase’s no-code application development tools, users with little to no coding experience can build and modify sophisticated applications to solve their biggest workflow inefficiencies and visibility challenges.

Key elements of a facilities management platform

When choosing a facilities management platform, savvy building management teams look for three essential capabilities.


A facilities management platform must be able to automate both routine and critical processes to relieve the burden on management teams. The best platforms will automate everything from monitoring the health of building systems and optimizing energy efficiency to scheduling preventive maintenance and organizing documents.


Facilities management typically involves a large number of technologies and diverse sets of data that are difficult to connect. The right facilities management platform should integrate easily with other technologies such as accounting software, email platforms, and building systems while also unifying siloed data and systems throughout the organization. By consolidating information and connecting data, building software provides management teams with comprehensive visibility into every aspect of the facility, including the status of every project and the health of every system.


Every facility is different, and every management team works in slightly different ways. To serve the needs of each building and every team, a facilities management platform should be fully customizable. This allows users to adapt the software to the requirements of each building as well as the unique workflows of their team.

Improve your facilities management platform with Quickbase

Quickbase is a Dynamic Workplace Management platform that offers fully customizable, no-code tools that enables facilities teams to tackle projects of limitless complexity. Quickbase facilities and commercial building management solutions can be easily customized and adapted by business users without intervention from IT. With Quickbase, every team member can create and modify applications to automate workflows, refine processes, and unify siloed data for greater visibility.

In addition to tools for building new software, Quickbase provides a range of solutions that can be modified to meet the needs of any facility and the workflows of any team.

  • Building management software brings all information together in one, centralized place. By connecting existing systems with key contributors, Quickbase helps mitigate risk, minimize waste, and reduce unexpected costs. Personalized dashboards deliver real-time information and role-based insights while automated workflows increase efficiency and productivity.

  • Financial and budgeting software syncs data from all operational systems to provide a clear view of revenue and expenses. Quickbase tracks every dollar and forecasts critical costs with real-time data from the field.

  • Project management software automates task lists, workflows, and processes while delivering a 360° view of every project, start to finish.

  • Resource management tools allocate resources as project needs evolve, prioritizing and assigning work to the people and teams best suited to get jobs done on time.

  • Subcontractor management software simplifies the tasks of tracking contracts, monitoring vendor performance, ensuring compliance, and maintaining overall job quality.

  • Contract management software provides a central place for storing and accessing leases, vendor contracts, property information, equipment specifications, and other critical data.

Additional capabilities of the Quickbase platform

In addition to software for a facilities management platform, Quickbase provides a wide array of pre-built solutions to address specific business challenges.

  • Training managementsoftware streamlines the training process with tools to track progress, organize employee data, and manage training and onboarding activities.

  • CRM and salestools centralize data, integrate with existing systems, and scale up as needed to support unique processes and challenges.

  • Process improvementsoftware continuously improves core business processes by delivering deeper insight into operations and automating manual workflows.

  • Supply chain managementtools automate processes, centralize information, and increase efficiency to remediate potential issues and minimize the margin of error.

  • Work order managementapplications deliver real-time visualizations of work orders and reveal the financial impact of changes as they occur.

  • Field servicestools give more power to teams in the field by providing access to project information from any location on any device.

  • Property managementsolutions deliver a comprehensive view of an entire real estate portfolio and automate processes to free teams from repetitive tasks and manual work.

  • Site selection and evaluationtools identify opportunities for growth and accurately forecast ROI before investments are made.

Why customer choose Quickbase

With 20+ years of experience and nearly 6,000 customers, Quickbase has built a platform that effectively enables citizen development and facilitates workflow automation at scale. With Quickbase’s no-code app development tools, businesses can continuously improve their most complex applications without the traditional costs and delays involved in developing, deploying, and maintaining software.

A secure and flexible governance model safeguards data and helps IT maintain best practices for development across the company. A proven Center of Excellence governance model encourages innovation in a programmatic, controlled way. With 24/7 customer support and a full set of enablement services, Quickbase helps every customer establish successful frameworks for citizen development and workflow automation.

Quickbase makes it easy to integrate siloed data and disparate technologies. With Quickbase Pipelines, users can visually orchestrate workflows across apps and third-party tools using pre-built integration channels and Quickbase’s modern APIs. Users can also push application changes with no downtime, relying on sandbox capabilities to transform data, update apps, or change schema.


What is a facilities management platform?

A facilities management platform provides tools that help building management teams automate tasks and streamline workflows to keep facilities safe, attractive, profitable, and operating smoothly. Facilities management platforms may include tools for finding tenants, managing leases, scheduling maintenance, monitoring building systems, organizing documents, tracking budgets, ensuring compliance, and other essential tasks.

What are the benefits of a facilities management platform?

A facilities management platform increases efficiency and enhances productivity by automating many routine, manual, time-consuming tasks. Automation also enables processes to be more consistent, avoiding errors and accelerating timelines. A facilities management platform improves communication between team members, tenants, contractors, suppliers, and other stakeholders. Superior platforms will integrate disparate data sources and a wide range of built environment software solutions, such as building systems, productivity suites, accounting platforms, and building information modeling systems.

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Written By: Ray Waldron

Ray Waldron is an Associate Content Marketing Manager at Quickbase.

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