August 2016 Release Notes

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Aug 4, 2016
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The blazing heat of August is upon us up here in the northeast, but that hasn't slowed down the hard-working QuickBase team! This month we're adding Gmail as a new data source for connected tables. Plus, as usual, some fixes requested by our customers.

Bring Gmail messages into QuickBase automatically

Integrating critical business data into your QuickBase apps lets you automate your workflows and keep your tables up-to-date with the freshest data for improved visibility. With this release, you can now automatically import email messages from a select Gmail account into a new connected table in QuickBase. QuickBase Sync for Gmail, the latest offering in the QuickBase Sync native integration capability, imports the email messages as records.

You might use this feature to log customer communication for later reference or tracking purposes (for example in a sales or customer service team), or collect leads or requests (in a marketing team). No matter the use, you’ll save time and reduce the errors that can arise from manually copying and pasting messages.



You start by creating a new table and connecting it to a data source, just like you do for any other data source. If you've never created a connected table before, just follow these instructions.

We've provided you with two queries optimized for QuickBase. These are:

  • Inbox Summary by Conversation – imports a Gmail conversation in a QuickBase table
  • Inbox with Forwards – extracts the customer’s email address from the body of a forwarded email and imports it in a QuickBase table

Let's take a look at each of these.

Inbox with Forwards

Let’s say your  team wants to log customer emails in their QuickBase app. To track them in a central location, a team member can forward these emails to a central Gmail account and a QuickBase admin can set up a connection to this Gmail account.

Typically, the email address most useful to you is the customer’s email address, but this address is buried in the body of the forwarded message. So, QuickBase provides two fields that bring the email addresses you care most about into your QuickBase table. In our example:

  • OriginalFrom -- This is the email address of the customer.
  • OriginalTo -- This is the email address of the sales rep who received the message.

When setting up your connected table, select these fields and QuickBase will extract the customer’s email address from the body of the email and make it available as its own field in your QuickBase table.

Inbox Summary by Conversation

If you prefer your connected table to not have a record for each email message, we offer this query, which only brings in the last email message in a conversation, or message thread, which includes all the messages in the entire conversation.

Address fields can be used in QuickBase-connected tables

You asked for it, and we're happy to deliver! Now you can import Address fields when you set  up a connection for QuickBase-to-QuickBase tables. Just create a connected table, and if your table contains an Address field, you'll see it in the list.


After you connect the table, you can view the Address fields in your table. Click an address to see its associated map. Enjoy!



Search widgets can search reports

Search widgets allow you to search your data right from the app home page. Now you can configure the search widget to search table reports. When you set up a search widget, in the Search in section, click A report and select the report you want users to search. So now, say, if you want to let your users search only open opportunities instead of all opportunities, now you can specify the appropriate report to be searched.

Note that:

  • You can only select Common reports.
  • You can’t search reports with an <ask the user> filter condition set.
  • The search looks only at fields actually displayed in the report. 



What's fixed in QuickBase?

Here's what we fixed this month.

ID Issue
QBE009311 Hiding a table in the Table bar for a role disabled  Advanced Search for that table and role.

This issue has been resolved.

QBE010311 (mobile site only) When viewing a parent record, a user with a role that did not have modify permissions for the parent table couldn’t see the icon to add a child record.

This issue has been resolved.

QBE010650 (mobile site only) Form rules that changed a Date/Time field to the current date and time did not respect the application’s time zone setting, if it was set to a different time zone than the mobile device used to access the site.

This issue has been resolved.

Do you have an idea for improving QuickBase? Please share your suggestions by clicking the orange feedback tab on the My Apps page, or visiting the Customer Feedback for QuickBase forum (

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