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Announcing Quickbase Mobile App for Tablets

Written By: Ankit Shah
March 12, 2019
2 min read

In December 2018, we launched enhanced mobile capabilities, including a new Quickbase mobile app, that enable customers to build custom business applications for both the web and mobile without any special mobile development and allowed users to easily access their Quickbase applications from any mobile device. We delivered these enhancements to help IT and business leaders meet the growing demands for mobile solutions to improve their employee and customer experiences.

In our ongoing efforts to empower customers who don’t have any special database, programming, or mobile development skills to create and evolve powerful custom business applications for both the web and other form factors, we’re announcing new updates to the Quickbase mobile app. As part of this update, customers can now download the Quickbase mobile app on their iPad, iPod touch, and Android tablets.

In addition to being available on tablet devices, this update also helps Quickbase mobile app users easily search for their application they need to use from a new My Apps page. There are several other enhancements that improve the overall experience of the mobile app with this update, and users can see the full list of these when they download or update their existing Quickbase mobile app from the Apple or Google Play app stores.

Empowering Teams Outside their Offices

According to a new forecast by IDC, the U.S. mobile worker population will grow steadily over the next five years and will be nearly 75% of the total U.S. workforce. With so much work already happening outside the office, access to real-time data and insights is essential for businesses to stay agile. Whether you are a business leader concerned with accurate incident tracking, or a contractor filling out forms from the field, the ability to access your data from your mobile and tablet devices is imperative.

With these updates to the Quickbase mobile app, customers can extend their Quickbase applications to workers outside of their offices, or to employees that are out in the field or on the go regardless of what devices they have access to, without any additional mobile development.

Stay Connected Anywhere, On Any Device with Quickbase Mobile

With this announcement, we’re providing the agility customers need to create and evolve custom business applications across their organizations that can be easily and securely accessed using the new Quickbase mobile app from their mobile phones or tablets.

Download the Quickbase mobile app for iOS or Android mobile phones and tablets to access your Quickbase applications and change the way you work with Quickbase.

Written By: Ankit Shah
Ankit is a Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Quickbase where he focuses on helping customers collaborate between their IT and Business to drive innovation & digital transformation within their organization. Ankit’s alma mater is Georgia Institute of Technology where he earned a degree in Computer Engineering.

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