Adventures in Social Networking via Enterprise-wide Team Collaboration

Ok, I admit it – I’m at least a click or two behind the social networking cutting edge…Not way behind, but by no means a hardcore facebook junkie. So when our Web Designer Joshua McGinnis came back from SXSW and said that Twitter was all the rage (again!), I decided to give it a look. (It’s ok that I’m two years late!)

My first reaction was, “Cool service but way too much information about people I don’t know and who has time for this? ”   That was closely followed by, “hmm…wait a second…this would be really cool if I could integrate it with my QuickBase apps!!!” 

So after ten minutes of searching through twitter widgets and signing up for an account, I had embedded a little widget on a QuickBase dashboard that updated with any posts from my “friends” on Twitter.  So how would I use this at work?  Well…If I embed this in the QuickBase app I use for my Business Development team to track our leads/pipeline, then we can use it to do real time updates from anywhere (via  mobile phone).  I love the idea of having the entire team updated the second we get a new enterprise customer. Or more importantly, if I’m in a meeting and need a piece of information that may not be easily accessible, I can text a question to my team, have it pop up in the place they are working and where the answer is, and have them respond in real-time. 

With QuickBase & Twitter together, I get the speed and ease of IM, the persistence of a Blog, the proximity to the information that’s relevant to my team, and the communication with the people that matter to my work.  Social networking apps are cool but for me, if my teams can work smarter, they become very very cool! 

Anybody else see the value of this or other integrations of social networking apps with QuickBase for business use?

Anybody else with some free time want to work their magic and manipulate the Twitter & QuickBase API’s so that I could just text a Customer name to Twitter and receive contact information on my phone from my QuickBase CRM?  Social networking rocks 🙂  !!

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