Adding Google, LinkedIn and Twitter Buttons to your QuickBase

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Jul 31, 2009
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You can add buttons to your QuickBase forms that launch activities with other web services. Buttons for Google, Yahoo, Linked In, Twitter, etc.


To add these buttons:

  1. Right click over the name of a field that is close to where you want the button to be and scroll down to add a new field.
  2. Name it what you like and select a “Formula URL” field type and save. The text will show up on your form but we haven’t told the button what we want it to do so it is blank.
  3. Right click on the name of your button and select “Edit the field properties for this field…”. If you like you can cut and paste the example code into the FORMULA area. See the example code below.


Copy and paste the following example code. Use your own field names in place of the ones below. NOTE: Sometimes when you cut and paste the quotation marks pickup unwanted formatting. Especially the quotation marks. Make sure when you paste that they are the straight up and down quotation marks and not the angled ones. (Thanks Jared)

Google Information


Google Finance

"" & URLEncode([Ticker])





Virtually every web service has some widget that you might want to launch from QuickBase. Using Formula URLs can help integrate them with your QuickBase.

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