Adding Flash Videos to QuickBase

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Dec 10, 2009
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If you have ever embedded a YouTube, Camtasia, Jing or Flash video into a QuickBase dashboard you know that the Internet Explorer browser will display an annoying pop-up that can drive you crazy.

This is because you are introducing a Flash video object that is hosted in a location other than QuickBase. You can suppress these browser pop-ups by adding the following snipet to your video code.


This inserted object attribute directs your browser to the Flash player inside your Windows registry. Since you will use the installed Flash player your browser doesn't mind you playing videos that are hosted in other non-QuickBase locations.

Let's take a typical video from YouTube. I am fond of katbadar so I will use her video. Grab the embed code, copy and paste it into a QuickBase dashboard.

If you try displaying the dashboard with an Internet Explorer browser, you will get the following pop-up.


Now let's take the same video but insert the classid attribute into the object tag like below (See the classid just after the word object).

Refresh your browser and Tada... no pop-up!

Now you can add training videos, YouTube clips and Flash tutorials in your QuickBase dashboard without browser pop-ups.

By the way check out katbadar's voice on YouTube:

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