Add a simple LinkedIn button to Your QuickBase Sales/CRM Application

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May 5, 2009
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You can enhance your QuickBase Lead Tracking, Sales and CRM applications by adding a LinkedIn button that does intelligent lookups into LinkedIn. Frequently we call people and companies and we wished we knew more about who we are calling. Try adding a simple button to your application QuickBase. QuickBase will pass the company and contact's name to LinkedIn for a quick lookup.



All you need to do is add the following to a new Formula URL field:


If you only have "First Name" and "Last Name", modify the link so it reflects your usage. Like this:

""&URLEncode([First Name]&"+"&[Last Name]&"+"&[Company])

Right-click and add the link to your button

Check out this How-To Video.

We talk about things like this in many of our 10 weekly live webinars. All are welcome whether you want to ask questions or just watch.

Have a blast with your QuickBase.

Kirk Trachy

Intuit QuickBase | 781-370-4438 | [email protected]

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