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Jan 9, 2006
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I hope you noticed recently that our help and other documentation (like our Knowledge Base) are getting some great attention. You can thank one of our newest team members, Jessica Mantaro, for this.

As Jessica has helped us build out a strategy for "user content" (a broader category than just help), one of the things we've been bouncing around is creating "the" manual for getting started (and keeping going) with QuickBase. As opposed to help, which serves a needed purpose as a reference, this manual would be more of a workbook/action planner. For example, the chapters might be something like:

  1. Top 5 concepts to get you grounded, and the exercises to prove that you are.
  2. Decomposing your problem into QuickBase.
  3. Building your first application that other people actually use.
  4. Taking a step back to realize what you've just accomplished and what it means.
  5. Advanced features for the curious and the geek in all of us.

A few questions for you on this...

  • The easiest question... what do you think of the outline above? It is high level, but right now, I'm not so much worried about being on the same page, but being in the same book. (Sorry, I couldn't help that little pun.)
  • What do you think of online manuals versus printed? Where have you seen online manuals implemented well, and where poorly?
  • The above is geared more to app builders, what about your end users? What topics are most important for them to get in order to make your life easier?
  • And the last quick question I have... and this one sounds a little strange to ask, so let me explain first. QuickBase is not in the business of publishing content, so it is possible that we'd partner with someone to deliver this. If it were online specifically, there is an opportunity to deliver something that's got more life in it, i.e., updated regularly with more and more info. What kinds of things would you want to see from content like this that was provided as a subscription service? For example, regular brain teasers, case studies, tips and tricks, developer Q&A, etc. What would provide you with the most value to you?

As always, thanks for your thoughts!

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