The Path to a QuickBase UI Refresh

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Aug 3, 2011
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We tested concept prototypes.

In April the team conducted a Design for Delight session that focused on how people new to QuickBase located functionality to complete core tasks such as adding information and customizing an application. The result of that session was a series of wireframe concepts which, based on customer feedback, we refined and built into interactive prototypes. We then used these prototypes to solicit further feedback. The process consisted of asking people to complete five core QuickBase tasks using each prototype, measuring whether or not they were successful, and tracking how long it took. After completing the tasks, everyone was also asked to compare their experience of using both prototypes. We wanted to learn which one they thought was easier to use.


We combined what worked from each concept into another prototype.

There were particular elements that worked well in each prototype. For example, visually differentiating a customize mode and providing simple direct links to the functionality within that mode were two successful patterns we observed. Peoples' expectations for how they interacted with the user interface (UI) became clear as well. Context menus (right-click) and on-object-UI (or editing in-place) were interactions that many have grown accustomed to and therefore expect to be part of their application customization experience. Using the feedback from these sessions we created yet another prototype that combined the most successful elements.


We tested the resulting prototype against the existing product.

The overall goal of this project is to see how we can improve the experience of using QuickBase. So in the next step we used the latest prototype iteration in another comparative test - this time against a current QuickBase application template. In addition to navigational changes, we also introduced a different visual design. The early results are promising. People have been able to complete tasks successfully and quicker using the prototype. They also preferred the new look and feel.


We're looking for feedback from QuickBase users.

To date we've received feedback from prospective QuickBase users and now we want to hear from our existing customers. Starting next week, we are running a series of hour-long sessions, to be conducted over WebEx, during which we will review some of our possible future UI directions and get individual feedback from customers. If you are interested in participating in this type of research session, please feel free to sign up here.

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