A New Chapter for the QuickBase Blog

Today I’m happy to introduce an important new chapter in the evolution of the QuickBase team blog.  We are launching a section of our blog dedicated to the issues team leaders face in trying to build effective, productive, engaged teams that deliver great results.  To date, the blog has focused on our online database product, QuickBase.  However, as we work and talk inside our team, our focus is on helping our customers succeed, and to that end we spend a huge amount of time understanding types of teams, work styles of teams, and ultimately, ways to help teams be more effective.  Our outlet for that research is our product, our services, and now, this blog.  It is our belief that value is created at the front-line team level and effective teams are the engine that drives the world’s economic success.  So, to us at least, this is a topic that can change the world.

Our Writers

Alexandra Levit PhotoWe’ve started out with three excellent posts from thought leaders that we are privileged to host.  Our first, from Alexandra Levit is an excellent post about the need to work across teams and departments in a larger company – something that Intuit teaches and demands from any leader who wants to move up in the organization.  Alexandra is a columnist for the Wall Street Journal and an author of several books related to team leadership.

Eva RykrEva Ryker gives us a top 10 list of signs that your team is effective.  At my next extended staff meeting (all managers in my organization) I’m planning on having each manager spend a few minutes to score their team against each of the ten items and then reflect on what actions they want to take based on the insights.  Eva’s background is in organization psychology and helped found EQMentor where she is Director of Learning.

Denise O’Berry hits the topic of integrating a new team member, especially when your team is located around the globe, as more and more teams are.  We invest so much in finding and hiring just the right person, and too often we then abandon them when they walk in the door.  Denise brings over 20 years of experience in coaching and managing teams, and is so focused on it that she goes by the “Team Doc” on her website.

“As I’ve grown my career I have learned that, without a doubt, my success is entirely dependent on the success of the front-line workers in my organization…”

As you can see, we’ve been able to assemble some wonderful talent to get us started.  As time goes on you should expect to see new posts every week.  We’ll have posts from external experts as well as from the QuickBase team and the broader Intuit team.  I am personally excited about this.  As I’ve grown my career I have learned that, without a doubt, my success is entirely dependent on the success of the front-line workers in my organization and that comes down to having effective teams.  I’ve spent years as a student of leadership and I’m looking forward to learning from this blog and occasionally sharing what I’ve learned.  I hope you will too.

Finally, we’d love to hear your thoughts.  If this is a topic you are passionate about (and I hope you are if you’re leading teams) we’d be happy to have guest posts.  Let us know your thoughts here as comments, or you can reach me directly on email: bill at quickbase.com.

Thanks, and please take a moment to add this blog to your RSS reader or subscribe via email.

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  • MD

    So, it's been nearly seven years I've had my eye on QuickBase — even built out an app as part of a trial about two years ago. But in the end, the pricing just got in the way. I've brought this up countless times, both here and on other forums that relate to online databases. Each and every time, marketing and the higher ups at Intuit and QuickBase blindly rationalize what to me appears to be ignorance of reality.

    I have five colleagues. We're professors. We have tiny, little budgets with no wiggle room. And each of us needs access to my app / database. But there's no way, ever, that we can afford $250 a month for such access, again, ever. Not even 50% off.

    Where is Intuit getting their pricing structure directives? I realize some of your clients are Fortune 500's and firms with 50+ employees, but what about the VerySMB?

    Something needs to give. Offer a one-person monthly fee, with access for 5 at $29.95 a month and perhaps we have something viable.

    I think it's a travesty that technology like QuickBase is made accessible for only the few. Don't forget… 90% of the businesses in the US are SMB's. And even more are in education / non-profits.

    And one last thing to remember: the needs of a 50,000-person company may be complex and deep, but in reality, they're no different in general scope and feature-set need than the 5 person SMB that never plans to get any bigger. That's the truth. We need everything QuickBase offers, we just don't need it for 500 people.

    Thanks for listening. — MD

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