A directory of Web 2.0 Applications for Work

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Nov 20, 2008
2 Min Read

The App Gap, the Work 2.0 community blog that we sponsor,  has announced the launch of the 'Appopedia'. The Appopedia is a directory of Web 2.0 apps.  They have already reviewed tons of web based applications, and I'm sure many more will follow.

There are products in categories from Analytics to Workflow, and are focused specifically on applications that are for the office, rather than the consumer based directories that are out there. When they review apps, they look at how these tools can help individuals and organizations better communicate and collaborate, catalog and share knowledge, engage users and customers, manage projects and further support existing business processes.

Although I'd like to think that QuickBase can solve any business problem, I'm sure many of you are using other tools for other functions of your business. The Appopedia is a resource for you to find the right tool to get your work done. I hope you will find it useful.

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