8 Unconventional Ways to Find New Team Members

Aug 22, 2011
4 Min Read

Are you relying on HR or search firms to find you new team members?  If that’s not working out so well, why not take the road less traveled? These little-known strategies might work wonders for you:

1. Research and contact the social service and private nonprofit agencies in your area – many have employment programs that match disadvantaged candidates to jobs. Try outlets like the Lincoln Training Center in South El Monte, CA.

2. You might already be familiar with your state’s Department of Labor, but did you know that many will assign you a dedicated staff member to search for registered workers that suit your position?

3. Individuals coming out of the military and into the business world often make conscientious, loyal employees. Check out websites like the Destiny Group to recruit ex-military job seekers.

4. If traditional third-party search firms don’t meet your needs, you might consider the temporary-help option. Employing temps allows you to “try before you buy” – deciding if a potential employee is a good fit before paying all of the costs associated with bringing him or her on full time. Just make sure you understand the conversion cost, or how much you’ll have to pay the temp firm should you choose to hire the person.

5. If you’re looking for creative or technical types, devise a contest that will allow talented candidates to compete for the chance to win a job at your company. Partner with your marketing department to promote the contest and turn it into a branding exercise for the company as a whole.

6. Employee research firms are paid to do the dirty work of scoping out the best candidates currently working for your competitors. A well-regarded firm of this type is WorkStream, which locates appropriate individuals for your open requisitions and prescreens them for you according to your exact specifications.

7. Use Google AdWords or other search engine paid marketing programs to buy combinations of key words or phrases that your target candidate might be searching for (for instance, you might purchase the phrase “engineering excellence” to attract top engineers looking to improve professionally).

8. Layoffs are all too common in today’s business world, and you can often find highly-qualified candidates as a result of contacting the human resources professionals in affected neighbors and competitors, and working with them to hire displaced individuals into your organization.

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