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Apr 9, 2009
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Here's the third tip for boosting team productivity with customizable web-based software. Another tip is coming Tuesday but if you'd like all the tips now, click here to request them.

Tip #3 - Get the hosted app advantage

A hosted project management solution gives your team members access to the information they need - wherever and whenever they need it - allowing faster response, reducing errors and enabling better decisions.  It helps your team:

Overcome geographic obstacles

Whether team members are in Paris or Peoria, they can collaborate on projects. Staff, vendors, partners and customers can work together regardless of location.

Remove time boundaries

The Internet is up and ready 24/7 - so participants can work on projects regardless of the time of day or time zone.

Hosted project management solutions also help minimize administration and maximize security, allowing you to:

Reduce installation, maintenance and even training hassles

By eliminating the need to install and run the application on your own computer, SaaS removes the burden of software maintenance, ongoing operation and support. The only software that team members need on their computers is one they already have and know how to use - a Web browser.

If you choose a customizable SaaS solution, you can adjust the application to match your existing project management process, drastically minimizing the need for application training. Customizable software accommodates the way you and your team work, not vice versa, making adoption much easier.

Reduce security threats

USB drives, email attachments and laptops are prone to data loss, theft and other security leaks. Using a hosted Web-based application means your team doesn't have to store or email information. Instead, it's all stored in a secure data center managed by your SaaS vendor.  For example, QuickBase uses the same data center that handles millions of tax returns via TurboTax for the Web each year.

Coming Monday, tip# 4 - How to do more and rely on IT less.

How have you used QuickBase's customization features?

One customer I spoke with told me she looked at several packaged CRM applications, determined what she liked from each, then created her own custom QuickBase CRM application adding in those features she liked from the other applications and creating her ideal app.

Has anyone done something similar with QuickBase for project management?

Share your story.

One customer, KLH, commented on a recent post of mine and mentioned that his team "needed a robust Proj Mgmt Application(s) that was totally tailorable to our client's needs. QuickBase was the solution of choice..."

Have you customized QuickBase to work the way you want?

To match your existing process? Tell us about your process. And about life before and after QuickBase.

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