6 Ways a Custom-built CRM System Can Help Your Business Grow Faster

Sep 28, 2017
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6 Ways a Custom-built CRM Can Help Your Business Grow Faster

6 Ways a Custom-built CRM Can Help Your Business Grow Faster


When it comes to securing greater market share, offering great products or services is only half the battle. Attracting new customers and retaining existing ones is equally important for continued business growth and success.

Many turn to Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRM) to help them deliver the best possible experience—from making a good first impression during the sales process to cultivating a loyal, repeat customer with personalized service and support.


Caution ahead

While an off-the-shelf CRM system might be your best bet if your data and process requirements are generic and fixed, for many, packaged systems are too rigid for their needs. Customization, future updates, or integration with other data sources, systems, and applications can be difficult or even impossible. The other factor is that they are quite costly, especially if you want to start small.


Your ticket to better, faster, cheaper

What if you could build your own online CRM system that adjusts precisely to your needs as you grow? What if you could build it in a fraction of the time and expense of prepackaged or traditional development options?  It might surprise you that you can do it all with a no-code platform.

Today’s highly-secure, no-code/low code app development platforms in the cloud are designed with the business professional in mind. They simplify and streamline app building by trading traditional coding languages for easy-to-use point and click or drag and drop user interfaces, along with helpful wizards and menus.


Consider the advantages

Here’s our quick rundown of the top six corporate and customer benefits you can expect when you build your own secure, customized cloud-based CRM.


1. You’re in the driver’s seat

You know your people, processes, potential buyers, and customers. Why choose a pre-packaged CRM solution that forces you to do things their way or makes you pay for features and functionality you don’t need and maybe never will? Instead, give your sales, marketing, invoicing, servicing, and other customer-facing employees a flexible, customized, CRM database solution that simplifies and automates the work they already do, the way they want to do it.

And as your business changes, your CRM can too with easy modifications that can be done on-the-fly.


2. Faster time-to-value

You can build a CRM tailored exactly to staff needs in less time than customizing an out-of-the-box solution—which often requires lots of professional coding to get it right. And, if you’re like most companies, your IT department already has a long project backlog to contend with. It could be months before they can even take on your request.

Packaged CRM solutions can also be complicated to set up and implement, requiring you to properly configure and deploy the entire system—even if you only want to use a small part of the functionality. And all that complexity may necessitate a longer learning curve for users to ramp up, which can lead to sluggish user adoption and a slower return on investment.


3. Customizable across divisions, teams, and individuals

Unlike packaged CRM systems that require assistance to modify nearly everything, it’s easy for sales reps, marketing teams, support personnel, and others to create their own individualized dashboards; quickly set up alerts and notifications; and compile and deliver custom charts and reports in minutes.

A highly flexible, custom-built CRM system founded on a centralized, no-code platform that supports data aggregation from most sources; accommodates the ability to set roles and permissions; and facilitates mobile-enabled access; means information is always in the right place at the right time. CRM users and customers alike are the beneficiaries because everything from greater sales insight to fast access to customer data for better service is just a click or two away.

Of added benefit is the fact that a custom-built CRM can more easily and cost-efficiently accommodate the needs of both customer success and sales teams on one platform. Typically, packaged solutions require the purchase of separate tools for each.

With a fully integrated, customizable CRM system you can systematically monitor both accounts behavior and customer health. And that can provide the insight needed to act quickly to mitigate risks and leverage opportunities, such as when a customer may be about to cancel, or if another might be a good prospect for an upgrade.


4. Consistency through automation

The ability to quickly and easily automate specific tasks, processes, and workflows is another advantage a business-built CRM has over a packaged one. This is especially helpful for businesses such as manufacturing that may be handling thousands of different orders.

The capacity to leverage opportunities for automation and put them in place to diminish such things as process gaps and human error, can be instrumental in winning more business and serving customers in better, faster ways. For example, automatic alerts might be used to notify a rep to follow up on a sales call or inform them that a warranty is expiring. A customer call about a product delivery or invoice could be automatically routed to the right person for expedited service.


5. Get better insights, faster

When it comes to quickly slicing and dicing data according to your specifications, packaged CRMs typically fall short. A custom-built CRM solution is just the opposite. In a matter of minutes, you can filter and sort data however you wish, and create made-to-order reports for yourself, your team, or your executives. Ready access to up-to-the-minute insights drive fast, educated actions that can help lower business risks, take advantage of opportunities, and improve agility and competitiveness.


6. Scale up and out with ease

Not only is a custom-built solution significantly cheaper than an out-of-the-box option, it’s also much more flexible. Easy app creation within the same no-code development platform means you can start small and build out a connected ecosystem of CRM apps on your own time-table—and without taxing internal development resources.

For example, you may start with lead and sales tracker apps and a document library for easy access to sales collateral, forms, and contracts. Later, you may move on to automated sales commissions, inventory management, and more. The possibilities are limitless.

And with physical infrastructure supported by your service provider in the cloud, you can seamlessly grow your CRM app ecosystem and user base. No need to worry about onsite procurement and management constraints slowing you down.


A sustainable and competitive advantage

When you build your own custom CRM you can deliver tailor-made solutions that give every stakeholder what they need to drive faster and more productive sales cycles, more targeted marketing campaigns, quicker deliveries, and more proactive servicing and support. All make for a satisfied and more loyal customer base, and a successful company where nothing falls through the cracks and every opportunity to grow is leveraged.


"Quick Base has made our processes more efficient, our data more accurate, and our customers happier."

-- Joe Scola, Senior Director of Technical Operations and Training, Sage Payroll Services


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