5 Requirements to Get a Job in 2013

As we get ready for 2013, I know a lot of you are still looking for a job. Others are employed but unhappy and looking elsewhere. That is why today I bring you the five requirements of a successful job search in 2013 (and beyond). If you’re able to do these five things, you will become very employable and valued by corporations both large and small. Companies will view you as a risk until you can prove otherwise so it’s important to do all of your homework and package yourself before you aggressively search. In an economy where globalization creates an endless amount of competition, where automation removes jobs, and where the skills taught in schools don’t align to the skills required by companies, these five requirements will differentiate you and help you get hired sooner than your peers.  Here are 5 requirements for getting a job in 2013 (and beyond).


1. Become a specialist in something that is valued by companies.

Research shows that companies are looking to hire and promote specialists but job seekers are presenting themselves as generalists. You can’t become known for anything if you try to be everything to everyone. By having a focus area, people will start to take notice, you will gain visibility and start to receive new opportunities as a result. From a company perspective, they are looking to hire someone to solve a specific problem and if you’re the expert, then it makes sense to at least give you an interview.


2. Have a unique selling proposition and a clearly defined brand.

We always hear the question “what do you do”? Well, how would you answer that in an interview? Your answer in that interview should be consistent with your online presence as well. Figure out what you’re strength is and who would most benefit from it and that becomes your USP (unique selling proposition). What value can you deliver to that audience that they need and others can’t provide as well? When you answer these questions, you will be able to articulate what makes you special to those making the hiring decisions.


3. Show the ROI of hiring you.

If you can prove that a company will benefit more from hiring you than what they would be paying you, then you can almost create your own job. For example, if you’re looking for a sales position and at your last sales job (or internship or consulting gig) you increased sales by XX%, it proves your worth. In the company’s mind, if they bring you on, they believe you can replicate that increase. Wouldn’t you hire someone who can make you more money?


4. Accumulate endorsements and recommendations.

If LinkedIn teaches us anything, it’s to get third party evidence of our skills and abilities. You can promote yourself as much as you want but when it comes to hiring decisions, what others say about you can have a major impact. Collect endorsements and recommendations on your LinkedIn profile and put them on your resume so you can show that you’re the real deal. Remember that you can leverage these for the rest of your life! In ten years, that recommendation can still matter.


5. Make finding a job your full-time job.

You’re going to get out of your job search what you put in. If you put a lot of effort into finding a job, the probability you will get the job you want increases substantially. Spending time doesn’t mean just submitting your resume to every open position. It means assessing yourself, your abilities, gaining new skills, making new connections and zeroing in on the jobs you’re qualified for (and are most interested in).

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  • Siddharth Mathur

    Right, after all these requirment are necessary to get fast jobs and the field you are having intrest.

  • catherinalucy

    The requirements you are listed are best tips to get a job you are looking for.Thank You.


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  • Jane Poole

    “Make finding a job your full-time job”. I love that line. You have to be 100% committed if you want the job. Also, let me just make this point. You may have the skills for the job. But so must the other applicants. If you want to standout from the rest, give graphical CVs a try such as those that can be made using SHINE app (http://goo.gl/vhZ2q).

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