5 Great SaaS Applications to Stay Organized at Work

Sep 24, 2013
6 Min Read

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think twice about the little things.  That’s how I get into trouble, because it’s the little things that make a big impact when they slip through the cracks.  Whether it’s a forgotten follow-up call to a customer or a lost password, you can’t afford to let the little things slow you down.  Fortunately, when life is moving faster than ever and our primitive human brains can’t catch up, there are some terrific SaaS organization applications to help out.


If you’re like me, your poor password management is a disaster waiting to happen.  While it’s certainly easier to use the same password all the time, or passwords that are extremely simple to remember, it’s definitely not safer.  When you have a password service like LastPass, you only have to remember one master password.  By typing in that master password, you are able to log in automatically to any website with saved login credentials.  And LastPass syncs passwords in the cloud so all of your devices will display the same information.

Remember the Milk 

As its name suggests, Remember the Milk is an application that’s great for keeping track of all those little to-dos that fill up your day.  The app works like you’d imagine a to-do list would, and it allows you to prioritize tasks and mark them complete.  Your lists can be updated on any device, and once you add something new, the lists automatically sync across your various platforms.  I personally love the feature that tweets me a reminder of something I’m supposed to do, like make a reservation or check in with a partner I haven’t spoken to in a while.  RTM is easy to use, and I find that I can easily integrate personal and professional tasks through its tagging capabilities.


When I read about this email management app a few weeks ago, I could hardly believe it.  Could my email inbox really house intelligent life?  Indeed, the Sanebox app is wicked smart, leveraging algorithms to determine the importance of each email, move unimportant messages out of the inbox into a separate folder, and summarize them for you.   From the perspective of not letting things slip through the cracks, I like that you can put an email in the SaneTomorrow or SaneNextWeek folders and Sanebox will stick it back in your inbox to deal with when time is up.   The app also gives you the freedom to focus on what’s important by eliminating inbox clutter – you can deal with spam and unwanted messages proactively by placing an email in the SaneBlackHole.  Sanebox promises you’ll never hear from that sender again!


Nothing falls through the cracks more easily than expense receipts – and contact information when it’s handed to you in the form of a business card.  I’m experimenting with Shoeboxed by sending a giant stack of receipts in one of the prepaid envelopes (though I also have the option of scanning and uploading).  Shoeboxed will categorize and store them for me so that I have them on file for clients and the IRS.  My next step is to send all of my eReceipts over to Shoeboxed so that I can delete them from my email inbox.


The Yast time-tracking application has been around a few years, but I like it because it’s a kinder, gentler way of managing my hours.  Knowing that I have the tendency to lose track of time spent on a project (the kiss of death when you’re a consultant who bills by the hour), I use Yast to clock easily in and out of projects for multiple clients as I work and display my time in an easy to review and analyze format.   Best of all, if a client questions an invoice or tells me I’d be more productive if I worked onsite, Yast provides clear-cut evidence for my case.

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