3 Ways to Transform Your Business with QuickBase Sync

Jun 3, 2015
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If you asked the attendees at our inaugural global customer conference, #EMPOWER2015, last week in Chicago about the main theme of the event, you’d get different answers all pointing to the same idea. Most would agree that the conference was all about empowering citizen developers with easy-to-use, yet powerful tools, and celebrating the success they had in digitally transforming their businesses by solving their own problems with Intuit QuickBase, our low-code app development platform.

One such citizen developer was Scott Storlie, the Quality & Process Manager at Minnesota-based digital marketing agency Spyder Trap. At one of the EMPOWER sessions, Scott shared his compelling story of transforming his business with QuickBase Sync, the powerful new data integration capability within QuickBase. Using Sync, Scott connected QuickBase with QuickBooks Online in just a few minutes and started syncing accounting data into his QuickBase project management app. Having up-to-date accounting data and project data in one place enabled Scott to redefine and streamline three of the most essential processes at his company.

1. Invoicing process

By reducing the number of steps in the billing process and automating updates to QuickBase, Scott prevented human error and saved accountants' time.

2. Expense and profitability tracking

With the right data in one place, project managers now have real-time visibility into expenses and profitability by job so they can make more informed decisions as the project unfolds. Executives can see which projects and project types are most profitable, so Spyder Trap can do more of the work that benefits them the most.

3. Sales commission payout

No more struggling to figure out which invoices have been paid (as commissions are paid as invoices are paid) and determining payouts manually. Spyder Trap now automatically calculates commissions in QuickBase so no payouts are missed and both sales and accounting have visibility into the calculations.

And that’s not all! Spyder Trap is estimating that they are saving 242 hours a year due to QuickBase Sync. As Scott says, this may not sound like a lot, but for a company of its size it’s substantial.

With the recent addition to the no-code data integration capability, QuickBase Sync for CSV, customers can connect QuickBase with CSV files stored in Box, Dropbox and Google Drive to bring in data generated by a wide range of systems, on-premise or in the cloud.

Wondering how you can transform your business? Learn more about unlocking hard-to-reach data at our upcoming live webinar.

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