3 Big Takeaways from Virtual Empower 2020

Written By: Julie Fancher
June 5, 2020
4 min read

Our annual user conference, Empower, took place this week where we were able to bring informative product demonstrations, thought provoking conversations, networking opportunities, yoga classes, and so much more to your living room.

It was initially an adjustment for us to have to transition our in-person event in San Diego, but our Events team rose to the challenge to provide an incredible event for Quickbase customers.

The last few weeks, and the last week in particular, have been extremely challenging and have underscored the power and importance of a diverse community. We are extremely grateful to have had this opportunity to bring our Quickbase community together to learn from one another.

If you weren’t able to attend Virtual Empower 2020, here are three big takeaways from our Empower Keynote address:


Whether it be developing applications to track employee health and wellness, manage your facilities, or managing critical supplies lie PPE, you need a software platform that is agile, flexible, and can be rapidly adapted to change as regulations and guidelines change.

As our CEO Ed Jennings said, we believe three fundamental things have completely changed

  • We are going to be asked to do more with less. We haven’t experienced this kind of economic disruption, where companies have been forced to reduce staff, but the cost of business is going up.
  • Digital transformations within organizations aren’t slowing down. In fact, you need to move faster. Agility is going to the name of the game going forward.
  • The traditional approaches to software can’t keep up anymore. This is the time for software to be flexible and agile. This is the time for low-code.

This is all about agility and helping you get your employees quickly and safely back to work.

We want to help anyway we can, whether that be helping you develop these applications and helping to stand up governance and best practices to ensure safety and security.

We are also planning a Quickbase community app-a-thon, with a $250,000 cash prize, focused on innovative solutions to help companies get safely back to work. Anyone can participate in the app-a-thon, which will be held later this summer.

Time Matters, Details Matter, Connections Matter

Post-COVID-19, we believe three things will matter: time, details, and connections.

There can no longer be timelines for digital transformations or creating solutions that are months, quarters, or years. It now has to be days or hours.

And just like you need to quickly be able to stand up solutions, they need to be flexible enough to adapt to details in real time.

Finally, now is the time to connect your systems. Your company cannot have siloed data and try to respond to disruptions, like COVID-19. You need to enable those closest to the work, and have a lot of hands in the pile, in order to come up with innovative solutions that can help you be prepared for future disruption.

Low-code platforms help you rapidly develop solutions, are flexible enough to adapt as your needs change, and can connect your systems and eliminate silos that get in the way.

So Many Product Announcements!

We have so many incredible product updates and new features coming out for users later this year.

Jay Jamison, our Chief Product and Technology Officer, took us through demos of all the new features, noting that all of these products meet three important guidelines: they allow for stronger, more flexible governance, better real time insights, and easy connection and integration to other systems.

We announced new updates and features that include:

  • Platform Insights Dashboard
  • Mobile Offline Data Entry
  • New Table Reports
  • New App Dashboards
  • RESTful API
  • On-Prem ODBC Channel
  • Google Suite Channel
  • New Formula Functions

We are committed to continuing to improve and adapt our product based on our feedback from our amazing customers. And we can’t wait to see all of you for Empower 2021 in Salt Lake City!

Written By: Julie Fancher

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