12 Productivity Hacks for a Rainy Tuesday

Sep 20, 2011
3 Min Read

I'm thrilled to share that Quickbase had its first Twitter chat on Friday (hashtag #quickbasechat).  We shared productivity hacks for busy leaders and reached hundreds of thousands of followers with our discussion.  For those who were not able to join us, here are some of the highlights:

@vickisalemi Create boundaries or nothing will get done. Close door, block time on calendar, and shut off devices.

@DaveYouTern: Set a team culture to schedule time to meet with you instead of random stop-ins.

@JobExpert: Drive accountability by setting goals and deadlines and sticking to them.

@alevit: Don't put too much stock in the time put in, but rather the results that each team member is achieving.

@tseamon: The key to overcoming being stuck is...do something. Just start doing something.

@ValueIntoWords: There are many great online project management apps to keep track of delegated tasks.

@DeborahShane: Productivity is inspired by leadership, innovation, creativity, and feeling like you actually matter.

@EmilyBennington: Sit down with your supervisor and obtain the top priority list. Great intentions + wrong direction = no good.

@MaggieMistal: Be realistic about what you have time for as a working parent. Priorities change.

@justcoachit: We are in a new era where quality of life and work will become the currency of success. Enabling both is key.

@jasonhparker: Know what you're doing that generates feedback, and how your team can get it to you.

@KRLROSE: Deal with e-mail once.  Use a priority folder.  Stay focused on effective use of time at the right time.

Do you enjoy chatting about best practices on Twitter?  What would you like to talk about if we held another?

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