10 Ways the Benefits of Cloud Computing Put Your Business Ahead

Aug 24, 2017
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10 Ways the Benefits of Cloud Computing Put Your Business Ahead

10 Ways the Benefits of Cloud Computing Put Your Business Ahead


Cloud computing has literally permeated almost every aspect of doing business. A key reason it has risen to such a position of critical importance is that it is a foundational enabler for so many technologies that empower and inform us.

Take, for example, the emergence of no-code and low-code app development platforms. These app building solutions have handed the creation of custom cloud computing business applications over to a new legion of business builders—much to their delight.

Now problems and challenges that waited months for a solution through traditional IT development channels can be solved in days and weeks by those closest to the work.

Let’s take a look at how cloud for business is helping drive this new trend, and the many ways it can help you transform and empower yourself, your team, and your company.


1.    Align business and IT

Shadow IT is a big concern for those who are charged with the welfare and safety of a businesses’ information assets. A highly secure, no-code/low-code development platform in the cloud, such as Quick Base, replaces worry with accessibility.

Business builders get an IT-sanctioned, online database platform that enables them to quickly build apps that optimize, automate, and accelerate their business processes. Now able to satisfy most custom app building requests on their own, there is less pressure on scarce IT coding resources—and because everything is in the cloud, busy IT departments have no additional infrastructure to manage.


2.  Become an inventor

For the first time, anyone, anywhere in the enterprise can build problem-solving, productivity boosting apps—without professional coding assistance. With intuitive visual user interfaces, point and click or drag and drop features, and helpful wizards and menus, cloud-based development platforms are paving the way for rapid innovation at the front lines of business.


3. Take a chance

Tailor-made for employing popular “fail fast” philosophy, cost-efficient no-code app building platforms in the cloud mean anyone can innovate quickly, testing out ideas and see what works and what doesn’t. With everything to gain and nothing to lose, business builders are more willing to try unconventional solutions that quickly turn creative ideas into competitive firsts in the marketplace.


4. Make every effort count

Unlike long-lived mission-critical systems (like ERP and finance) that require significant investments in infrastructure, highly skilled coders, and lots of time to maintain, web-based no-code apps have no such trappings. Because they are so easy and inexpensive to create, an app can be quickly spun up to benefit even the smallest, short-term project—such as determining the effectiveness of a one-time offer or gathering prospective customer lists from contest participants.


5. Pivot on a dime

Make no mistake, business-built apps in the cloud are sturdy enough to support complex processes and interdepartmental workflows yet dynamic enough to stand the test of time. Updates can be made on-the-fly in a few simple steps. Add an integration or a new data source, or adapt to new internal requirements, customer preferences, or even potential new markets. An agile business always has a competitive edge.


6.  Work better together

From any place and across any time zone, cloud computing enhances the reach of business apps by making it easy to share information and collaborate. For instance, the latest customer information from an app used by sales reps doing business around the world can be made instantly accessible to a company’s marketing team in the States to launch a more successful campaign.


7. Operate with a single source of truth

Having a centralized online database for all your business-built apps also means actions and decisions can be made with confidence. Every bit of data, every record and every document that is shared, edited and put into reports remains up-to-date and consistent. With all your information in one place, regulations compliance and audits are simpler undertakings. And document revision control issues disappear when content is housed and managed in one centralized cloud location.


8. Sleep better at night

With their business equally on the line, cloud service providers have a personal stake in making sure your data remains safe and secure around the clock. They are experts in cloud security, data management, encryption, and disaster recovery. Typically, they can offer broader and better security coverage than the average business can afford on its own.


9. Take your business with you

Creating apps that are mobile enabled is all the rage and it’s no wonder. Most people don’t go anywhere without their mobile devices. Cloud-based database apps have the advantage of providing easily accessible tools and data that make the job easier, whether an employee is sitting at a desk with a laptop or at a customer site using a smartphone. Yet data remains safe because it resides within a secure cloud—and not on a device that can be lost or stolen.


10. Keep on growing

With infrastructure maintained and managed by the service provider, growth is never slowed down by budgeting constraints or long timeframes to procure hardware onsite. Instead, your online database app ecosystem can seamlessly scale up and out to meet demand—from an influx of new data sources to more apps and users.


Moving to the cloud

With years of real-world evidence to back it up, it’s a given that cloud enabled businesses go farther, faster. It’s the reason why a rapidly rising number of companies are adopting no-code/low code app development platforms and taking their databases to the cloud.

When anyone with a good idea can turn it into an app capable of improving the flow of data, simplifying tasks, streamlining processes, and automating workflows across an enterprise, great things can happen.


“We don’t have to interrupt our IT department to build an application. We just need a good idea, collaboration from the end users and some productive quiet time. The results are faster site onboarding, a more nimble division, and a competitive advantage. This is how we’re growing the business now. Our clients tell us nobody can do the things we do.”

-- Bruce Squibb, Senior Director of Program Development, Sodexo


Are you ready to elevate your company’s success with a business app development platform in the cloud?



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