Transform Ideas Into Apps In a Matter Of Weeks

Interested in having some of your complex business problems solved in a matter of weeks by hosting an App-a-thon?

Group of people in bright room working together

What Is An App-a-thon?

App-a-thons are app building events that bring teams together to solve real business challenges! They are similar in spirit to Hackathons, but intended to be inclusive of everyone, not just those with prior app building experience. App-a-thons unlock talent and knowledge from business professionals that normally can't participate in solution design.

What Do You Need To Be Successful?

Innovative Ideas

The most successful App-a-thons solve real business challenges. The apps that are built during the App-a-thon, bring value to the business while showcasing the problem-solving skills of the participants.

Executive Sponsorship

App-a-thons are most successful when participants present their ideas to their leadership teams. For this reason, one or more Executive sponsors are encouraged to act as a judges during the App-a-thon Demo Day

Dedicated Participants

App-a-thons are most successful with 10+ participants, each of whom will start by attending Quickbase Fundamentals Training. All participants must have buy-in from their managers to dedicate the time to participating in the App-a-thon

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