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Accelerate the Operational Agility of your ERP with Low-Code

Executive Summary

Your supply chain is a complex operation. There could be hundreds, if not thousands, of people and error-prone manual processes involved in each one. And chances are, your supply chain depends on an Enterprise Resource Planning system to manage it all. One of the most commonly deployed technologies in your enterprise ecosystem, your ERP manages all the processes core to your business.

How an ERP like SAP is used in your supply chain

For supply chain management, SAP is a top provider of ERPs, making it a market leader for covering production planning, business forecasting, and demand planning.

SAP for supply chain management attempts to provides benefits like a single source of truth for the people in your business, actionable insights based on data, and increased efficiency and money saved.

In reality, however, supply chain management in any ERP alone falls short in delivering these benefits. It requires an additional layer to unlock its full potential.

Where does supply chain management ERP software fall short?

Difficulty reporting on and getting real-time, contextual insights

By the time data gets pulled, the insights it provides are already too old to act on. Even more, the reports and analysis that an ERP, like SAP provides tend to focus on higher level baseline plans and forecasts, overlooking the important details that could provide real benefit to your operation.

Time and cost required to adjust and build out processes in an ERP.
ERP systems like SAP tend to be large, enterprise wide systems, which may require special skills to access and use. Customization for specific needs tends to require highly skilled developers – a resource that is hard to come by, expensive, and time-intensive.

Relying on your supply chain management ERP software to handle everything from storing information to acting on data results in reduced visibility into processes, data stuck in ERPs and legacy systems, increased costs, and inefficient workflows.

Why extend SAP or your other ERP systems with low-code?

Your ERP is powerful, but it can’t do everything you need it to. And building out the capabilities you need is complex and expensive.

Using a low-code application development platform means you don’t need a rip-and-replace solution. Instead, a cloud-based business application can serve as a layer on top of SAP or your other ERP platform that extends its capabilities and is customized to your specific business needs.

For example, by integrating your applications with your ERPs and legacy systems, it can become your single source of truth for all supplier information. Custom reports, roles, and dashboards are accessible all in one central hub, providing easy and secure access to necessary data, the ability to automate tasks and send communications – so you can focus on moving your production forward.

What does Quick Base + your ERP look like in action?

“As our business grew, our customer base expanded – from genetics researchers to organizations conducting clinical trials – and so did the complexity of our orders. After implementing our ERP in late 2015, we found that our on-time shipping rates were lower than they should have been, but we didn’t have much visibility into why. We had shipping data in our ERP, but it wasn’t readily usable by the team. 

We built an app that takes a daily extract of delayed shipments and assigns them out to members of the team to add comments. It’s easy to get input from a number of people on one platform. This has allowed us to identify and quantify the root causes of our delays. We run a weekly meeting where we review the outputs from the app and determine the actions needed to address any issues. We have solved the biggest drivers of delays and many of the smaller ones as well.”

– Aditya Ramani, Senior Supply Chain Business Process Analyst at Illumina

How easy is it to integrate Quick Base with SAP?

Quick Base is a low-code application development platform that allows for several methods of integrating with SAP and most modern ERP systems with similar capabilities. Our platform allows for ease of use and offers a choice of natural integration capabilities to suit your business’s unique needs for immediacy, consistency, and control. Types of cross-app relationships include:


Data flows between SAP and a Quick Base app based on event logic, also known as workflow orchestration logic, that is created and exists within your Quick Base app. Depending on the implementation in the app, this data flow can be unidirectional or bidirectional. This integration utilizes a Pipelines channel, enabling Citizen Developers to integrate a complex ERP system without the detailed technical knowledge needed for API-based integrations.


At specified times, data is automatically pulled from SAP and updated into a Quick Base app. With Webhooks, data synchronizes unidirectionally from SAP to Quick Base.


This allows for custom integrations to meet specific needs not covered by the other options. Quick Base supports this using a modern RESTful API. Typically, this work is handled by the IT team responsible for SAP or an experienced consultant.

Quick Base: The future of supply chain management

Full operational agility is the future of supply chain management. Linear style supply chains will soon give way to more agile operations with fewer silos. These new parameters could allow quicker transitions — think of a multi-billion dollar home improvement retailer fully integrating their multi-channel supply chain to an omni-channel one — for producers in the event of a crisis.

Companies that can pivot and respond to changing market conditions and external pressures will succeed, while those stuck in rigid legacy systems fall behind.

Quick Base can get you on the path towards a fully operationally agile supply chain with end-to-end visibility.

Why choose Quick Base?

Take control of your data for complete operational agility.

Quick Base integrates and aggregates information that is spread across complex disparate systems, each with their own specific environments. This allows you to provide the decision-makers in your business with accurate, complete, relevant information at the right times.

Increase efficiency and save resources.

Ensure on-time production with supplier movement, inventory, quality tracking, and more in one centralized system in business applications that can be built by Citizen Developers and IT developers alike in just a matter of days.

As your business grows, Quick Base grows with you.

Scale for an even faster-paced future with technology that simplifies, standardizes and automates unique supply chain processes core software platforms can’t handle.

Make decisions that drive business success.

Uncover actionable insights and make informed decisions with centralized, real-time data that helps minimize risks and better serve your customers.