Quickbase Unveils AI-Powered Capabilities to Supercharge Efficiency for Complex Work

AI-powered Smart Builder and interactive Gantt Chart capabilities designed to help organizations build intuitively and move faster

BOSTON – March 2, 2023Quickbase, the application platform for dynamic work, today announced new product capabilities and enhancements to help organizations make smarter business decisions and successfully deliver highly complex projects faster. These new capabilities, including Gantt Chart for holistic project support and ‘Smart Builder’ AI recommendations, help organizations accelerate project timelines and delivery with new tools to confidently build applications faster, simplify processes and workflows, and access critical data across projects for more informed decision-making.

“There is a productivity crisis plaguing companies across the world, and organizations are being tasked to do more with less,” said Debbi Roberts, head of product at Quickbase. “We know work is complex – there are global teams to manage, complicated stakeholder demands, disconnected data across too many systems, and leaders that need visibility into results. And how it comes together is unique to each company and project. These new features are specifically designed to simplify how work gets done, faster."

The new features - including the first of many AI/ML capabilities to be rolled out this year - simplify the process of building and managing sophisticated applications, workflows and projects so customers can move faster and smarter. New features include:

  • Smart Builder: Recommends relevant tables and fields using artificial intelligence based on 20 years' worth of building knowledge from millions of Quickbase applications, enabling customers to build with speed and confidence.
  • Gantt Chart: From centralizing data and tracking projects with Kanban boards to conducting what-if analysis, connecting the power of Quickbase with Gantt Chart eliminates static charts and provides users with a live, holistic visual view of complex projects across their portfolio. This ultimately allows them to monitor project progress better, adjust timelines and tasks, and automate end-to-end workflows to deliver projects on time and on budget.

“The way our organization works may be different than the way others do, which is why I love Quickbase. The new Smart Builder feature is customized to applications we’ve already built in Quickbase,” shared John Crosland, Principal Software Engineer, Inglett & Stubbs. “The new AI is intuitive to use and makes it easier to add new fields, create tables, and ultimately build apps in less time and with fewer clicks. Plus, we can build apps to fit how we do business, not change how we do business to fit the constraints of off-the-shelf software.”

Additionally, Quickbase has made notable enhancements to existing features to increase organizational efficiency. These enhancements include customizable email notification capabilities, more sophisticated formula queries and improvements to dashboards. Updates to email notifications include easier ways to create personalized emails with intuitive font and color options, as well as the ability for users to insert pre-built templates into custom notifications. This helps users create alerts that are actionable and look professional, so they are less likely to be missed in a busy inbox and ensure workflows are on track. The more sophisticated formula queries allow customers to gather insights across millions of data points with fewer clicks, connecting the dots between otherwise disjointed processes and workflows. Lastly, improvements to dashboards give organizations a consolidated view of all projects, allowing them to get more granular with data and project results, and quickly filter groups for workflow improvement.

With organizational efficiency, accuracy and intelligence top of mind, these product capabilities and enhancements are specifically designed to equip individuals, teams and organizations with the tools they need to work efficiently and intelligently in any market condition. Learn more about these updates and how you can boost your work efficiency on the Quickbase blog. If you are located in Miami or Los Angeles, check out a local City Tour to learn more about the latest features and how leading organizations are utilizing Quickbase.

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