Quickbase Strengthens Data Security Controls

As Companies Continue to Move Data to the Cloud, Quickbase Offers Users More Control Over the Security of their Proprietary and Sensitive Data in its Application Building Platform

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – October 9, 2018 –Quickbase, a leading business application building platform, today announced two new features that provide companies more control over the security of their data in Quickbase through encryption and integration with enterprise Identity Management systems. A new Advanced Data Encryption feature gives companies more control over how their data is encrypted in Quickbase. In addition, a new capability is now available that gives companies more control over who has access to their proprietary and sensitive data by integrating with their central Identity Management system. Through these enhancements, Quickbase provides the agility companies need to build and manage business-critical applications across their organizations on a platform sanctioned by their IT departments.

According to Forrester Research, a leading global research and advisory firm, “It's not just [customer data] that cybercriminals want to steal; it's your firm's intellectual property (IP) — your trade secrets, formulas, designs, and source code. Criminals can buy and sell this data, and sometimes competitors and state-sponsored agents hire cybercriminals to do it on their behalf. Stealing a rival's IP can shave years off of research and development efforts, save millions of dollars, and completely erase competitive advantage. In many cases, cybercriminals collude with a malicious insider to steal IP. To prevent IP theft, security leaders must not only deploy encryption but also strictly control access to sensitive data and monitor the environment for suspicious activity.” (TechRadarTM: Data Security and Privacy, Q4 2017, Forrester Research, Inc., October 2017)

Advanced Data Encryption
Unlike other cloud vendors who use 128-bit encryption by default, Quickbase’s standard encryption leverages an AES 256-bit encryption key which is stronger and more secure. Driven by external regulations such as HIPAA, GLBA, SOX or stringent internal security standards, many companies require more control over how their data is encrypted in Quickbase. With the Advanced Data Encryption feature, available now, companies can encrypt their data at rest using a unique customer-specific encryption key that they can manage on their own schedule.

“Security awareness and cybersecurity are critical for CCI’s success both as a company that provides cybersecurity solutions to our customer base and as an internal customer for our own security needs,” said Evan Rice, senior director IT operations, information and analysis services at CCI Systems.

“The new Advanced Data Encryption feature from Quickbase allows us to not only store our employee and financial data in the most secure way possible, but also opens up Quickbase to store other confidential and sensitive data. We have peace of mind knowing that we have more control over the encryption of our proprietary data within Quickbase,” Rice added. “While we aren’t under any external regulatory requirements to have advanced data encryption, we do have strong internal security policies and care deeply about security for CCI and for our customers so we feel strongly about having the best cybersecurity measures in place.”

Later this year, Quickbase will offer the option for customers to bring their own encryption key that they host and manage in their own Key Management System (KMS) or Hardware Security Module (HSM).

Integration with Identity Management Systems
Quickbase already integrates with customer’s corporate directories such as Microsoft Active Directory via SAML or LDAP for managing who has access to the platform, making it easier for users to leverage their existing corporate credentials. However, most companies today have a centralized solution for managing user identity, so they don’t have to go to every SaaS or PaaS provider’s system to provision users that are in their corporate directories. Integrating Quickbase with central Identity Management systems such as Okta and OneLogin gives administrators more control by making it easier for them to automatically provision and synchronize their users with their corporate directories.

“Security is top of mind for all companies, and at Quickbase we have a deep and long-term commitment to delivering industry-leading security control and protection standards,” said Jay Jamison, SVP of strategy and product management at Quickbase. “As Quickbase customers continue to build more applications that store proprietary and sensitive data, these new features are the latest example of our efforts to meet their demands for additional control over the security of that data.”

Advanced Data Encryption and integration with Identity Management Systems features are available now. To learn more, visit:

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