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Quick Base Launches Official Certification Program

App Builders will now be able to formally promote Quick Base skills to further careers and improve processes

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., December 11, 2017Quick Base, a leader in no-code platforms for business developers, today announced the Quick Base Certification Program that will allow customers to formalize and promote their knowledge of Quick Base application development to advance their careers. It includes two levels of accreditation for users with varying degrees of technical experience: App Builder and Expert Builder. The program, which was in beta in November and saw over 100 exam completions, is available to all customers today. Quick Base customers can start the certification process here.

This program is part of Quick Base University, which houses other training courses and resources. The certification exams are based on Quick Base University content delivered in a variety of eLearning and live training formats, which are suggested curriculum before taking the certification exam. Beyond personal career development for users, recruiters and managers will also see benefits, as identifying qualified candidates and properly assigning projects based on skillset will become easier and more streamlined.

“The Quick Base Certification Program not only helps me showcase my app building skills on my resume, but also provides credibility when working with other colleagues on projects," said Joe Scola, Senior Director, Technical Operations at Sage. "Sage values the knowledge of our people and this certification has allowed me to officially demonstrate comprehensive understanding of the Quick Base platform.”

The Quick Base Certification program is designed for a variety of users with a range of technical backgrounds, some with no coding experience and others who are professional developers. This certification is further shifting the narrative away from needing formal coding skills toward a solution specific set of skills that empowers users with a problem-solving mindset. The Quick Base Certification Program gives users the tools they need to solve problems by building purpose-driven applications, without relying on traditional IT application delivery.

“This was a natural evolution of our commitment to empowering our users with both technical and non-technical backgrounds to solve business problems with custom applications that fit their processes,” said Mark Daoust, Vice President of Customer Success at Quick Base. “An official certification program was a request we heard directly from our customers – 66 percent expressed interest in last year’s customer survey – and we’re thrilled to give them a tangible accreditation to validate their expertise to employers.”

More than 6,000 customers, including over half of Fortune 100 companies, use the Quick Base platform over a broad range of functions, from finance to supply chain to human resources. Quick Base’s popularity can be attributed to significant benefits, such as measurable gains in time and productivity, and a recent survey of customers also found that 64 percent of users received public recognition for their work via the platform, thereby furthering their careers.