Quickbase Celebrates Innovation Pioneers at Empower 2019

Business Application Development Platform Leader Announces Customer Award Winners at Fifth Annual User Conference

Cambridge, MA, June 26, 2019– Quickbase, provider of the largest cloud platform for developing integrated, custom business applications, recently concluded Empower 2019, its fifth annual user conference, held June 10-13 in Miami. With more than 830 customers, partners and prospects in attendance, Empower 2019 was the largest and most successful in the event’s history.

A highlight of the event was the recognition of outstanding contributions from the Quickbase community via The Quickbase Customer Awards. As Quickbase’s most successful customers scale business applications across industries, these awards showcase users and organizations that empower the people closest to the work while embracing partnerships throughout organizations.

“Our Customer Award winners are a diverse set of builders, changemakers and innovators. In many ways, they’re pioneers, showing how new solutions can emerge when organizations are equipped with technology powered by the user’s knowledge and insight,” said Mark Daoust, Chief Customer Officer, Quickbase. “They’re improving the way work gets done and unlocking massive value for their organizations. We’re honored to have these incredible organizations and individuals as part of the Quickbase community.”

Awards were announced in the following categories:

· The Catalyst Award: To the organization that creates a culture in which motivated people are empowered people. These organizations smash the limitations of “who” and “how” with the power of “wherever” and “whenever.”

Winner: Pike Corporation. The integrated provider of construction, repair and engineering services for distribution and transmission power lines and substations was recognized for implementing an internal Quickbase development team to head an initiative that gave each of its client teams standardized, scalable Quickbase applications that allow teams to track and plan rollouts, enhancements and upgrades.

· The Pathfinder Award: To the organization that moves the needle in new and different ways by reimagining how their business succeeds. This organization thrives on making the best decisions with the latest information, proving that faster is the new smarter.

Winner:Lighthouse Electric. In just one year, the electrical contracting firm created 20 Quickbase applications, which included core CRM apps, job management apps and complementary systems apps.

· The Impact Award: To the organization that demonstrates the results of driving ideas into action for their organizations every day. This organization shows what an agile business can deliver with engaged leaders, empowered employees and innovative ideas.

Winner:Geisinger Health Plan. The health service organization was honored for its implementation of a system that manages nearly every aspect of compliance, including regulatory memos and actions, corrective action plans, metric tracking and HIPAA violations.

· The Quickbase Hero Award: To the person for whom innovation has become part of the job. This person empowers entire teams and businesses with the confidence and courage needed to make a real impact on their organizations and the Quickbase community.

Winner: Heather Bryant, IFM Platform Manager, Able Services. Bryant develops apps for the company’s integrated facility management team and is experienced in analyzing and drawing out business requirements, then translating those requirements into apps that make a significant impact on the business.

“I’m honored to receive this award because being a Quickbase Hero means, to me, being a solution finder and making sure that we have the right tools in our toolkit at Able to provide our managers and clients with what they need to get their jobs done,” said Bryant. “A lot of times when we talk about Quickbase, we talk about reduction. Reducing touchpoints, minimizing processes, but what we are really excited about is Quickbase’s growth. Growth in functionality of the platform, growth of the team at Quickbase and the growth of our success.”

Quickbase was recently recognized by Forrester as a leader among low-code platforms for business developers and will continue to reinforce its position as a market leader by introducing new, innovative platform enhancements that feature improved access for anyone, anywhere, connected people and data, smart technology and a platform that is ready for anything. Learn more about the enhancements.

Check out the Quickbase blog for recaps from Empower, the Quickbase Facebook page for recorded keynotes from Empower and learn more about how Quickbase helps businesses of all sizes and sectors to solve challenges through low code/no code business applications.