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Quick Base Unveils Enhanced Strategic Development Platform, Highlights Increased Enterprise-Wide Adoption of Low Code Development

Annual conference keynote demonstrates momentum in low code development, reveals major upgrades to the Quick Base product, technology platform and developer community.

MIAMI, FL, JUNE 19, 2019 – Quick Base, the market-leading SaaS platform for developing integrated, custom-built business applications, announced a series of significant upgrades to both its platform and the infrastructure behind it at the company’s fifth annual customer conference, furthering its push to speed up business innovation by improving the way organizations develop software.

The event, which drew record crowds to Miami last week, showcased an emerging trend toward enterprise-wide adoption of Quick Base. Senior leaders from more than a dozen name brand organizations demonstrated their approaches to adopting low code development at scale to meet the increased demands of customers while dealing with a worsening software developer talent shortage.

“Our customers are pioneers of a better way to create and manage software. They’re picking up the pace of innovation by involving a broader set of people in the development process and creating cultures of continuous improvement. We’re proud to be giving them the unique software platform they need and deserve – a mix of intuitive, ease of use and the ability to develop powerful applications for the enterprise,” said Jay Jamison, Chief Product Officer, Quick Base.

“These enhancements to our strategic platform will connect everyone to the data they need, better enable continuous improvement and help organizations build a strong development partnership across the organization to solve problems that are critical to serving customers better. The response from Empower attendees was enthusiastic, and we’re excited to see low code development becoming a mission-critical part of enterprise software.”

In the company’s biggest product announcement to date, Jamison laid out a four-part vision for the future of low code development.

“As businesses begin to adopt low code software at scale, we believe Quick Base needs to do four things. It must be accessible to anyone, everywhere to create, modify or access applications. Second, it has to be wicked smart, including AI-driven development. Third, the platform has to connect the right people with the right data at the right time. Finally, your technology platform has to be ready for anything – secure, fast, reliable and highly scalable.”

In line with that vision, Jamison laid out a series of big releases, which were met by cheers from the crowd.

Improved access for anyone, everywhere

  • The Quick Base Visual Builder is a new, highly approachable way for anyone to build and modify Quick Base applications by dragging and dropping tables, relationships and fields to create an application. The Visual Builder is available now and will be updated with support for more advanced Quick Base features over the course of 2019.
  • Available this fall, the Quick Base native mobile app will include two significant new features: integrated bar code scanning and new offline capability. The features make it easier for any worker, anywhere to enter data into Quick Base.
  • Also available this fall, a new set of fully RESTful API calls, accessible through a new interactive API guide, make it faster and easier for technical or business professionals to extend and integrate Quick Base or create an API call for the first time.
  • A central community hub, the Quick Base Community site, will make it easier for users to help each other solve problems by connecting with other community members, collaborating on ideas and contributing content that inspire new ideas and solutions. The new Quick Base Community will be live this summer.
  • A brand-new sandbox capability that enables business developers to safely keep up with a rapidly evolving business landscape by making, reviewing and publishing updates to business critical applications in a safe environment with IT controls.
  • A continual stream of new tooling and platform improvements that has made Quick Base 40 percent faster since January 2017, increasing the ceiling of what can be done with Quick Base. The platform’s speed positions Quick Base at the disruptive intersection of simplicity and power. More improvements are planned for this summer that will make the platform another 10 percent faster.

Connected people and data

Smart technology

  • Executive Dashboards, a new modern dashboard capability for Quick Base, provides time constrained business leaders personalized access to essential business information. The new capability will include powerful AI-driven features for predictive forecasting and suggested charts.
  • Quick Base Mobile makes applications instantly ready for use on mobile devices without any special mobile development or deployment. Available now, Quick Base Mobile gives builders the freedom to optimize forms for mobile experiences and will be updated over the course of 2019 with more ways to optimize the mobile experience of applications without special mobile development.

A platform that is “ready for anything”

“Quick Base has proven to be a strategic platform for our organization,” said Anthony Gomez, environmental operations manager for Portland General Electric. “They have invested heavily in their product and showed off a lot of exciting new features. Two that I can't wait to implement are barcode scanning and offline capabilities. These product enhancements allow us to continue working in our remote areas while using barcodes to easily and accurately track assets across dozens of sites.”

About Quick Base:

Quick Base provides a cloud-based platform that empowers problem solvers to quickly turn ideas into business applications that make their organizations more effective and more efficient. For 20 years, people of all technical and non-technical backgrounds have been using the Quick Base platform to create solutions that streamline processes, capture real-time data, and improve company operations while working in concert with existing IT systems. Headquartered in Cambridge, MA, Quick Base has thousands of customers spanning all industries and company sizes. For more information, please visit:www.QuickBase.com.