ABC Project Manager 3

Author: Kirk Trachy
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OUR MOST POPULAR PROJECT MANAGER VERSION - We have added resources and time cards to the robust ABC Project Manager 2 and have called it ABC Project Manager 3. This application contains all the features and functions of ABC Project Manager 1 and ABC Project Manager 2 as well the capability to create budgets, resources and time cards. Everything from ABC Project Manager 2 Plus: (Resources) and (Time Cards)


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Intuit Quickbase

By Frieda a year ago

I have watched a few youtube videos to learn how to use quickbase. Unfortunately, I do not know much about it yet but I am very excited to learn more to be able to better customize the App for our needs. The youtube tutorials cover the lessons very quickly. Overall, as I mentioned, I think quickbase is an excellent database and it provides a great tool for scheduling and data maintenance.

ABC Project Manager 3 app from QuickBase Exchange!

By mheydari 2 years ago

This is great app, after I downloaded very quickly I was able to configure and realize the value. Nice job!!!!


By KateKate 2 years ago

The report looks good and nice. Powerful App and useful

Solid base

By Hank 2 years ago

This app was a good place to start and not "reinvent the wheel" so to speak. That being said, I had to work extensively with it to get it where the company needed it. Small things, like time zone information based off of address, auto-highlight certain fields or statuses, etc. would have been very helpful. Coming from the customer perspective - it is way easier for the customer to remove a feature than it is for them to hunt down the answers in the forums/over phone calls/video conferences and spend a lot of time learning the idiosyncrasies of this software. Overall a good base to start with but you will not find a "ready to go" solution.

ABC Project Manager 3

By Dorf 2 years ago

Nice App .. has 90% of what I need and with a few imports I was up and running.

ABC Project Manager 3

By Nick O 2 years ago

Easy template to create a project management app from. Gave good examples of reports that we can use as well.

Meets all PM needs

By MikeG 2 years ago

There certainly is a wide range of project management tools available in QuickBase Exchange, but the ABC Project Manager 3 app sits above the rest. It includes resource allocation and financial data making it a single tool that would normally require three.

Great for familiarisation

By Steohen2372 2 years ago

I was introduced to this App as part of my e-learning; it provides a good basis for learning forms, some calculated formulas and reports. I am continuing to use this DB as part of my learning experience and I would recommend this to those following a similar route.

ABC Project Manager 3

By John over 3 years ago

Good head start for the app I need. I have not had time to look at it closely, but at first glance I cannot figure out how the resource days and resource hours buttons on the task form calculate their results.

ABC Project Mgt Database

By NADG over 3 years ago

Seemed to function perfectly but did not meet the needs of the team who requested the database.

ABC Project Manager 3

By Dave over 3 years ago

I downloaded this as the first thing i did on IMS, as a consequence it has been used more to look at all the settings, etc to work out what was going on - was very useful for this

Building the soaftware

By IrishDude over 3 years ago

I think that she should be hired from the government to build their website. She knows what she is doing

By Mark Hollermann over 3 years ago

I evaluated this template primarily to identify and assess some capabilities. I'm still relatively new to Quick Base and needed to see what I could do.

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