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Avoiding data chaos in reconstruction projects with SERVPRO

As a leader in the restoration and reconstruction industry, SERVPRO Team Wilson is prepared to respond to a disaster on a moment’s notice. From fires to floods, SERVPRO Team Wilson has to be ready to deal with customers, insurance companies, physical belongings, and other variables that make their work incredibly complex.  Managing this information in systems like Excel won’t do. Too many disconnected spreadsheets can mean data chaos, which leads to slower response and the inability to win business and take care of customers when speed and flexibility are a must.

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Avoiding data chaos in reconstruction projects with SERVPRO

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Easily manage critical information with Quickbase

SERVPRO Team Wilson has pivoted to Quickbase to manage their Dynamic Work, and get all of their key information in one place to make complex work simple. This is extra useful for the crew in the field to easily communicate with the back office.

Join experts from Quickbase and SERVPRO Team Wilson on this webinar to learn: 

  • why Excel simply won’t cut it for complex work like construction projects.
  • how SERVPRO Team Wilson is managing critical information, such as staffing and daily jobs, work orders, physical assets, and more.
  • how crews in the field can capture job information that’s required for disaster recovery.
  • how to get information in the hands of the people who need it.
Robert Salaj Headshot

Robert Salaj

Customer Advocacy Director, Construction, Quickbase
David Hyde Headshot

David Hyde

Director of Technology, Systems Development and Data, SERVPRO Team Wilson